With a new roommate moved in on Bad girls Club 2017 last week, it was a battle to watch which side can win her over. However, Francesca was no feeling Briana prior to she even moved in, as there is not sufficient room for 2 blondes on Bad girls Club Season 17!


Last week on Bad girl Club Season 17, we witnessed the females head to Venice beach for some fun. It finished with Keyaira uncomfortable over Sayyora constantly trying to obtain with males while the girls are out. Us saw Seven head out for some DJ classes. Climate the jealousy that Keyaira continued, as another night out and another night of she being upset Sayyora has actually men around. This time it finished with Kiyanna and also Keyaira obtaining into it on the bus. Briana arrived and it was a fight of i m sorry side might win her over, even though Francesca was no liking the blonde twin. We also saw Deshayla fulfill with some fashion designers to display off she feather shoes and bras. Clearly Briana determined Kiyanna’s side of the house, together her and Keyaira had actually words and also Briana stated that Keyaira operation the various other girls, which seven was no happy hearing!

Things finished nice between Briana and Francesca, but things are about to blow the hell up this evening on BGC 17! that looks like Briana is peeing external of the toilet and Francesca is not happy around it? Um, would anyone be? Sneak emergence look here:


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francesccax3 know. Watch her pop off in this sneak peek from #BGC17 below! pic.twitter.com/mRShCYNnup

— poor Girls society (
BGConOxygen) march 18, 2017

This turns into another fight, as Sayyora go not protect Francesca and also Kiyanna is no happy and hits her! Yeah, Kiyanna is always in the middle of it and I don’t think she understands why either:

sayyoraink‘s acquired nothing come say?
kiyannamonaeee ain’t hearing it in this sneak peek of one all new #BGC17 Tuesday at 8/7c top top
oxygen​! pic.twitter.com/DceOInmhJR

— negative Girls society (
BGConOxygen) march 19, 2017

Finally, that looks prefer the 3 of them made up and also now have a bucket list item to achieve for Kiyanna on Bad girls Club 2017:

Where the boys at?!

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BGConOxygen) march 20, 2017

Bad girl Club Season 17 airs every Tuesday in ~ 8/7c top top Oxygen.

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