Looking for first gay experiences stories? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. According to scientific research, something choose 7-8% of men who determine as heterosexual has had actually some type of very same sex-experience.

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While plenty of websites often tend to eroticize such encounters, couple of offer first hand, true stories of these happy experiences. Given interest in this topic, we believed it might be advantageous to share some of these with readers.

Below is a podcast (E17) that features an e-mail from a listener that identifies together straight however recently found himself attracted to an additional man in ~ his gym. Indigenous The Men’s Self-Help Podcast.


What follows are 25 very first gay experiences stories as told by men who recognize as straight. To gather your narratives, we asked the man Counseling neighborhood to come forward and share.

First surname are supplied to safeguard their identities. Our hope is to aid men who room trying to involved terms with their sexuality. Remember, orientation is not constantly black or white.

Have you had actually a happy experience?

1. After ~ A few DRINKS

“I was 21-years old and spent most of the summer working building to make extra money because that college. Top top the job, I got to understand one that the men who was a little older 보다 me. Choose 25?

One Friday ~ work, a group of us quit by a regional watering hole to tie a few on. In ~ the end of the night, Mike invited me back to his location to chill.

I nothing remember all of the details, but we ended up watching a movie and firing up some 420. The following thing ns knew, we were going down on every other.

It only happened once, and also we never talked around it again.”

-Nick/38 straight Male

2. Marine BOOT CAMP

“I’ve constantly been attractive to females never had actually an endure with an additional guy – although I had actually thought about it. However that adjusted during my time in boot camp after ~ joining the Marines.

There was a guy who was around my age (22) who I to be strangely attracted to. Not sure if it to be his construct or what yet I just I just know the I favored him.

Just prior to graduation, we ended up hooking up off-base. Not sure just how to describe the dynamics. Yeah, we had been drinking yet we weren’t sloshed. What’s weird is the we finished up doing that two much more times. I’m married now and also so is he. We’re quiet friends top top Facebook.”

-Rick/32 Heterosexual man

3. University DORM BUDDIES

“It was a few days just before Thanksgiving and also everyone had left campus come go residence for the holiday, except for me and also two other males staying in the dorms.

Feeling bored, the 3 of us made decision to hang out in mine room and also play poker. Among the 2 dudes was the end on campus. He readily available to go under on me and the other male as a bet. We thought he was joking but found out later he wasn’t.

Yep – the made good on his wager.

It to be the first time i had ever experienced something with another guy. The was also my last however I don’t regret it.”

-Chris/37 Married straight guy


“I had a girlfriend in college who was gay but in the closet. One night we were drink scotch at his place and also he confessed he had been crushing top top me because that a lengthy time.

One thing caused another and we ended up make out. Later, we traded some dental action. Only taken place once since it gained weird afterward. Not certain why.”

-Dennis/39 Identifies as straight

First gay experiences camping


“When i was 25-years old, i took my tiny brothers on a camping expedition to the north woods of Wisconsin. We had been make the trek from Chicago because that years but after our dad passed away, we chose to keep the heritage going.

While we were remaining at a state campground, one of the park rangers came by ours camping area to warn us of pending significant weather. I think the man was around 30 years old?

We began talking and also I gained the feeling he was interested in me. I’ve never been attractive to other men, but there was just something about him that ns liked. Difficult to explain. Possibly it to be his cologne?

Just before we left, he stopped by our camp and also said he’d be visiting Chicago the next weekend. As soon as I gave him my number, ns knew exactly what i was doing.

Sure enough, once he arrived in town, the called. I ended up going come his hotel and we ended up obtaining it on. Nothing serious. He went down on me and also I tried act the same but wasn’t very good at it.

After that happened, I never ever heard from the again. Does this average I’m gay? i don’t think so. Ns think labels do much more harm than good.”

-Ken/34 states he’s straight


“I’m a building security safety on the eastern Coast. 2 years ago, another guy that was my age was put on the night-shift. When you work that shift, it’s an extremely quiet. To pass time, us made tiny talk and also gossiped about people in the building.

One weekend approximately 2 or 3 in the morning, us were at sight bored and also started talking around our hookup experiences. Ns don’t recognize what happened, however it should have acquired us both horned.

We ended swapping head in a utility room. It happened a couple of more times the summer – to the suggest where all among us would have to do is speak ‘utility room’ and also the other guy knew what time that was.

When summer to be over, he obtained transferred to an additional building. No going to say i didn’t enjoy it and I recognize he preferred it too.”

-Pedro/32 Married through kids


7. ONE YEAR prison STINT

“When ns was 25-years old, i was sentenced to prison for five years on a drug-related charge. In the end, ns only finished up safety a year in jail.

During the time, i hooked up several times with a couple of of the inmates. The happens an ext than civilization think and not because straight guys are forced into it.

In my situation it to be mutual. To me, i was simply obtaining my demands met – as with the other guys doing time. Execute labels really use when you space doing time?”

-Enrique/38 directly man

8. DAIRY situation AT grocery store STORE

“The summer ~ graduating high school, ns took a project at a job at my local grocery store in the dairy products department. Friend know, choose stocking milk, cheese, and eggs. The work-related sucked and also didn’t pay all the great, however I required the cash for books.

There was another guy (Sam) who worked in the Deli that was around my age that seemed cool. Native time to time, wednesday run into each other and also talk around sports and how the Packers to be going to do it come Super Bowl.

One weekend i was alone in the dairy product case, unload expired milk native behind the casing and also waiting for the van to supply the brand-new stuff. That’s as soon as Sam pertained to make little talk.

I don’t remember all of the details, but I understand at some suggest I experienced him popping wood under his job-related khakis. Every I can tell friend is that i was impressed.

We finished up j-rking together in the meat freezer. The totality thing was over in less than 10-minutes (if that). ~ that, we did an ext stuff however not in the store.”

-Trevor/41 mostly hetero

Gay experiences play sports

9. Soccer TEAM

“When I remained in college, i played football. No that i was anything to talk about because I largely sat ~ above the bench. Yet there to be a first-string dude that ns was buddies v where things offered to happen.

It was never ever like us planned that or anything. Occasionally he’d pass by room and also say hello. One time, he showed up to shoot the $hit – you know, like to hang out.

I remember telling him my shoulder to be messed up from a poor play and he offered to massage it to relax the muscle. That’s when I feel his stiffy against me with his sweats.

After that, the rest is history. We ended up messing around. Over the food of a year, it happened a few times. The dude is married now and so am I. To me, that doesn’t typical you room gay if you experiment.”

-Ronnie/39 Living right life

Gay encounters take place at gyms

10. Vapor ROOM at GYM

“There was just one time whereby I ever got the on with another dude and that taken place at my gym, roughly 10-years ago. The fact is, i had constantly wanted to recognize what the was favor so not going to lie.

I guess the is why i let this random man do his thing on me. Yeah, it was cool. Not certain I would carry out it again but at the very least I can say I had actually a first gay experience.”

-Mitch/36 directly dude

11. First GAY experience CABBY

“I supplied to journey a Checker cab in Chicago back in the early 2000’s, when I remained in my 20’s. Everyone knew the money was an excellent in Boystown so most of the cabbies tried to grab fares on but on the weekend by the bars.

One time, i picked increase a ride by a guy who want a lift downtown. On the way, he available me $300.00 to clock me j-rk. Once I told the no, that upped it to $350, i told him i was down.

Quickest money I ever before made. Don’t remorse it either.”

-Ricky/40-Something straight guy


“When ns was back in high school, i dated this girl from mine neighborhood. She had actually a brother that was the same period as me and also we became friends.

One time while we were hanging out, he shared with me the he to be bi. The asked me if i had ever been with an additional guy and also I told the the reality – never.

Don’t questioning me why however we began fooling around. Ns guess there was a part of me that was curious. The weird thing is the girl and also I never messed approximately – not also once.

I don’t think about myself gay or even bi. Earlier then, i think i was simply figuring things out and he was somebody to do that with.”

-Frank/28 Pretty lot straight

First gay experience was in ~ a hotel


“When ns was 19-years old, I operated at a hotel as a bellman. Frequently, male guests had me lug up your luggage.

At least five times, I ended up remaining a tiny extra. It was always for a big tip. The best component was i didn’t have to do anything other than pull my trousers down and let them execute their thing.

When you space young and also broke, you’ll perform anything because that money. I’m married currently with kids and don’t take into consideration myself gay.”

-Nick 33 claims he’s hetero

14. BACKDOOR action TIME

“Back in college, there to be a man that I supplied to acquire with for oral stuff. One day, he asked me if i would ever before want to carry out more. In ~ first, ns was hesitant due to the fact that it seemed favor that would be drawing a line, girlfriend know?

But he was persistent, and I recognize I to be curious. Long story short, it happened. Ns can’t say i didn’t like it since I did. Yet we only did the a couple of times.”

-Kenny 38 mostly hetero

15. 420 TIME v BUDDY

“It happened only a couple of times. A neighbor and I supplied to gain together and also smoke. A lot of what happened is fuzzy so i don’t remember every the details. However I perform remember us did things.”

-Brian/39 Fuzzy straight


“I go onto a renowned hookup application to watch what I could find. Not sure how it happened however I ended up tapping on a filter that put me in a same-sex category. I at some point got out of it but it was also late, ns was already listed in the gay area.

About an hour into it, a man reached the end to me and said that was simply looking to provide oral. Due to the fact that I wasn’t having much lucky in straightsville, ns figured why not. There has always been a part of me that was curious, so i figured WTF not, girlfriend know?

To store it real, I’ve gained to say that I delighted in myself. However once I acquired it out of my system, i’ve really never had any type of desire to execute it again. Ns guess the all part of farming older.”

-Bruce 33/Decidedly straight

Fireman go with probation

17. FIRE room PROBIE

“When i was a probie

Both the us came to be pretty tight, i beg your pardon is what you would certainly expect given how F-ing dreadful they act you. We supplied to hang out a lot and also I guess us bonded.

I’m not going to go so far as to say we were boyfriends since we weren’t. Yet when we weren’t at work, we did make the end a couple of times and more. Ns was bumped once he acquired transferred a year after enduring probation.”

-Mark/36 completely hetero


“When i was 19, I offered to play ball in our neighborhood league. A the majority of the males did because there no anything else going ~ above in the suburbs.

There was this one male I used to obtain with ~ practice. It simply sort the happened. The weird point is we never ever talked around it. Native time to time, we would end up in my garage once my parents no home and also mess around. Us were both curious ns guess.”

Bobby/33 right male


“When ns was 18-years old, my cousin Nick stopped by our family’s house. Us were living in Iowa and also he to be driving from brand-new Jersey to California because that a new job.

He finished up staying in my room throughout his visit. He was a little older 보다 me however not by much (21?). Ns remember that undressing and noticing just how much bigger he was than me.

He need to have captured me eyeing him since he laughed about it. Then, top top the following night the his stay, he purposely made certain I experienced it again. The rest is history. I was curious and also strangely attractive to him. Only occurred once and it is not something we’ve ever before talked about.”

-Doug/Hetro v a secret

Military training


“I never ever really did something with another guy however I did use to watch 2 dudes I served with mess approximately in the woods.

They constantly thought they to be being private, however I would watch them doing points a lot. The fact that ns watched speak you something.

-Curtis/39 Hetero male

21. Neighbor HOOK UP

“I’m not really ashamed the I provided to hook up with my neighbor from mine teen-years. I bet a lot of males have had actually gay experiences and also they are just too chicken to talk about it.”

-Kelly/38 states he straight

22. MOVIE theatre BREAK

“Several year ago, I visited a movie v a pair of buddies and halfway with the film, necessary to usage the men’s room. That’s once I witnessed a male touching self in a urinal alongside me.

It’s difficult for me come explain yet it really turned me on, so i joined him. Briefly, we both reached out and also touched one another. If that lasted an ext than 15 seconds I’d it is in surprised. It is the closest i’ve ever involved something with an additional dude. Ns think the qualifies as my first gay experience. Will certainly it ever before happen again?”

-Ryan/35 Clinging to straight


“During my high school years, I visited a army boarding school. The setup was three guys to a dorm. I became friends with among the men I bunked with called Dale.

On part random autumn weekend, that was just me and Dale in our room when the other roommate went ago home ~ above leave. That’s once me and Dale started talking around 69 and also what that could be like. One thing brought about another and also the following thing ns knew us were in reality doing the – in the center of the floor – of our dorm.

For the remainder that the school year, we hooked increase A many in various places. Oddly enough, we remained in touch after graduation and still talk to this day. But we never talk about our senior year in school. Is that just how bromances work?”

-Nathan/29 currently married through two kids

Workout Buddy

24. CURIOUS practice NEIGHBOR 

“I must have actually been every one of 21-years old when I had my very first gay experience. There was a neighborhood dude I used to elevator weights with in his garage. He had actually one the those Joe Weider flat benches, which ago then was kind of a big deal.

Over the food of time, we obtained closer and closer. Sooner or later he reached out and touched me and I didn’t prevent him. The didn’t take it long before we both began doing things to one one more on the bench. We probably hooked up fifty percent a dozen times.

The whole thing ended when i joined the Army and also got deployed. He has actually long due to the fact that moved elsewhere with his family. Funny times. But that to be years ago. I’ve never done anything favor that since.”

-Eric/31 male Heterosexual


“When ns was 30-years old, i bought a 1968 Ford Thunderbird. Muscle dare have always been my thing, and this was my dream car. However this auto needed a lot of work, so I offered to contract through a mechanic who committed in older models.

The dude was roughly my age and also we provided to conversation a lot around cars, sports, and the usual stuff that guys do. It’s component of the factor we ended up being fast friends.

One weekend, after ~ doing some work on my car, us took it out for a test drive. Every I have the right to tell friend is that while us were ~ above the road, us pulled off right into a truck stop. That’s when we swapped head in the parking lot.

I doubt the would recognize as gay because he was married v a little kid at the time. Ns pretty sure we to be both just super curious. Only occurred once. Ns still know the dude.”

-Vincent 37/Straight and also living through bro-code


In reading the many an initial gay experiences stories mutual on this page, it is essential to remember the at part point, most guys who recognize as right have had actually some type of gay experience. I’m pointing out this due to the fact that many human being cling to labels that don’t always accurately represent a person’s truth.

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If you space a straight man reading this piece, you probably deserve to remember some form of exact same sex endure you had with another man over the food of her life. The concern is – would certainly you ever talk around it? If not, why? room you afraid the someone could think you are gay?

Food because that thought.


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