Are girlfriend a curly girl in the Miami area trying to find a salon to aid you take treatment of her curls? fine you room in luck, right here are few of the ideal salons in Miami that cater come the organic hair neighborhood offering a selection of services such together braids, locs, twists, sew-ins, blowouts, curly cuts and coloring.

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Natural and also Relaxed

Natural and also Relaxed shop is a multi-service shop that is devoted to consistently giving high client satisfaction. The goal of Natural and Relaxed shop is to achieve healthy hair, whether organic or chemically intensified and to carry out their guests education and learning on their "at home" hair care. The stylists at Natural and also Relaxed Salon room educated in hair styling, cutting, coloring, extensions, braiding overall healthy hair care.

Natural tendency Setters 

Natural TrendSetters is the an initial natural hair care center located in south Florida. The owner of natural Trend Setters known a require in the community and opened the salon. Herbal TrendSetters has come to be a control force and also proven trendsetter in the industry. It is just one of the first commission based black color operations top top the market, and they continue to do their note in the industry. Herbal TrendSetters offers natural hair styling, loc services, extensions and also much more.



Master Stylist and also founder, Vaso Spirou (“VASO”) has been at the head of the beauty industry for over 20 years. Known particularly for her dexterity in highlighting and also cutting naturally curly hair, VASO surely has domesticated even the wildest manes native stunning housewife’s come Oscar winning actresses (discretion guaranteed). Her mainly reputation over the last twenty years speaks volumes.


A Kinky Thing

A Kinky point is a organic Hair Salon located in Miami, FL that specializes in the cultivating & organize of Locs, Sisterlocks, Twists, Braids, & organic Hair. They also are a Wellness facility that offers herbal Hair care Products, Skin & human body Products. A Kinky Thing herbal Hair shop took a synergistic approach to carry out a wide variety of various shop tasks and occasions for the customers. It consists of urban society combined v music, film, and also fashion.  

Dune organic Hair Care

Dune herbal Hair care founded by Evena is one of the many unique hair salons located in southern Florida.They specialization in the recent hairstyles for all hair types. They are below to satisfy your requirements by being open 7 days a week. They market the services of braids, loc and twists formats color, highlights and so much more. Examine them the end for your next hairstyling session.


The curl Whisperer Miami

The curl Whisperer Miami was created because there was a need for a curly hair guru in the Miami area. Began by grasp Stylist Silvana Castillo The curl Whisperer name was created by her clients while i was functioning at GBS The beauty beauty Store.Her career as a hairdresser started in Chile as soon as she was simply 17 year old. When she to be 22, she concerned the US and studied in ~ the Vidal Sassoon Academy. The curl Whisperer provides Deva Cuts, highlights, blowout styles and much more.


Missy Hair Salon 

Missy Hair Salon has actually a team of specialists that are trained to change your curls and also bring her vision come life. Missy hair salon desires to invest in you. They listen to your demands and assist you to create the layout of her dreams. Castle offer natural hairstyles, extensions, braids, twists, loc styling, children styles and also much more.


Maggie climbed Salon

Maggie rose is a boutique full-service healthy hair salon that is concentrated on giving you through the best quality in hair care. Maggie increased Hair shop is a shop that caters come the hair treatment needs that the modern woman, with an emphasis on holistic health treatment practices. Maggie rose caters to all hair types. The Maggie climbed Salon believes in ongoing education as main point value among their staff.


Sayblee Salon

Sayblee salon was established by grasp Stylist, Sayblee Darsale. It offers a an option of natural hair care services and free consultations the are only by appointment on Thursdays and Saturdays. Sayblee offers flat twists, curly sets, hair growth treatments and also natural hair products.

Beauty suffer Salon 

Beauty suffer Salon is a unisex shop in Miami that specializes in Hair Extensions, Botox & Keratin Treatment, Highlights, Ombre / Bayalage Hair kids & guys Haircuts. You can take the whole family to experience what Beauty experience Salon needs to offer.


Racquel"s Signature Salon 

Racquel"s Signature Salon is one of South Florida"s best precision salons for haircuts, color and custom extensions. The team at Raquel’s Signature Salon offers over two decades of experience in the hair treatment industry specializing in all hair types. Racquel"s Signature Salon provides superior signature solutions to accomplish your demands including, organic hair styling, extensions, shade and likewise nail treatment services.

Deseree"s Hair Weaving & expansions Beauty Salon 

Deseree is an professional in hair weaving, fusion, dred locs, locktician, extension, braiding, crate braids, practice made wigs, fusion, link, shrink wrap, relaxers, precision hair cuts, micro-links, net weaves, lid weaves, replacement of dred locks, and also much more. Every memorable services. Deseree is a specialist and also is a renowned worldwide hairstylist with over 15 years in the hair care industry. She has worked and also traveled generally in her ar to gather brand-new techniques to help solve hair treatment needs.


Locks by Landi

With much more than a decade of natural Hair care experience, Locks by Landi provides various organic services with dedication, attention to detail, professionalism and also a passion for creating and also helping girlfriend maintain organic Hair Styles. LocksByLandi specializes in Sisterlocks, Brotherlocks, Lock Extensions, double Strand Twists, and natural hair styling.

Hair Healers

Hair Healers beauty beauty Salon has been giving extraordinary changes in south Florida due to the fact that 1989. Owned and operated by Dania & Adryanna a mom & daughter duo. Lock love to service their clients with love, dedication, and passion. They sell services of blowouts, color, updos and also much more. Hair Healers hopes to make you service personalized.

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All Dolled up Hair Salon

All Dolled up Hair salon has remained in business for over 30 years. There space over 5 locations in Florida. All Dolled up salon specializes in every hair types and textures. They will certainly dye, cut, and doll friend up! all Dolled up Salons every Dolled increase Hair Salon desires you to experience the country"s finest stylists! castle have 5 locations to offer you! Orlando, West Palm, Broward, and also Dade County.

Have you viewed these salons in Miami? If us missed her favorite, please share it in the comment so anyone can check them out!