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100% Indian Remy person Hair


Silky Straight


22 inches


613# blonde with dark roots


180% extra thick


Pre-plucked hairline


Transparent lace

Dark root Blonde Hair 13"x4" Lace front Wig, Silky straight Indian Remy human Hair, Pre-plucked hairline

Average client Review(9 client reviews)5

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Review: ns really yes, really love this hair it’s actually an excellent hair ???? & carry my face and also skin color our moreee ... It’s veryyy soft

Review: Love the hair it colored really well didn’t experience lot shedding, shipping was an extremely fast will absolutely order again!

Review: I obtained a 16 inch Shipping was fast, hair is soft stop curls very well. If you thinking about getting it carry out it.

Review: LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair its certain perfect. The wig room lovely and thick and also the hair colour is quite which i LOVE!


Only herbal black color can it is in bleached and also dyed





Silk Base color Chart


1. Full Swiss Lace Wig Cap :Strong Swiss Lace through Stretch Lace ear come ear .Can stay high ponytails and need to wear through glue ,tape or various other adhesives .When that is added adjustable straps in the back and combs inside ,you have the right to wear it without glue.

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2. Glueless complete Lace Wig Cap: full lace with flexible straps in the back .3 combs enclosed .There space 2small metal sheets in ear areas. This speical building can let girlfriend lay your wigmore flat in the front and much more secure there is no glue.


3. Silk Top complete Lace Wig cap : full Swiss Lace through Silk height . Silk top looks choose your own scalp , more natural spring . Can wear high ponytail .


4.Glueless Silk height Lace front Wig Cap : 4inches x4inches size silk base in the prior .The ago is machine made hair weaves . Also with comfortable Swiss lace in the front and earlier . Quiet with flexible straps and combs .


5. Lace prior Wig lid :Swiss Lace in the front for parting and machine made weave/wefts in the ago . Likewise with combs and adjustable straps ago can it is in worn Glueless . Can"t undertake high ponytail .

6.U component Wig lid : stretch Lace deserve to match any kind of size. Also we have right part and left component .


7.360°Anatomic Lace Wig Cap


Shipping Time :


1.Please leave your phone number once you place your order which is needed for for sure delivery

2. We can ship to any type of P.O boxes and APO/FPO deal with .but that takes more than 7-10 working days ,very slow-moving . So we indicate you administer a physical address.

3.We ship all items stamped as "Gift" or "Sample" and written of short product value,so many customers can"t be fee a practice fee by your local custom-mades government.But occasionally several nations such as Canada,Germany,South Africa ,Brazil would charge some taxes which space not avoided .We will certainly submit all files to assist you go with the Customs.

Orders ProductionTime :1.In share Orders ProductionTime:

a. Normally takes 1-3 working days to procedure before transport out,

b.The density of in stockfull lace wigs and lace prior wigsis common 120% , if you pick 150% thick thickness , it will certainly take 5-7 working days come make and also 7-10 working days to do 180% extra thick density

2. Practice Orders ProductionTime:

Normal practice order: 30 working days

When your wig has been shipped, a notice will be sent to the email deal with you provided.

The tracking number will be fastened in the email.

Package Tracking :

We share a strategic teamwork relationship through the world"s famous express agency UPS.Fedex and DHL. You deserve to track her package top top the websiteUPS: https://www.ups.com/Fedex: https://www.fedex.com/DHL: http://www.dhl.comMore detail Infor about UPSUnited StatesUPS business in unified StatesCustomer Service: 1-800-PICK-UPS (742-5877)International Export/Import Services:1-800-782-7892clike to examine your delivering: https://www.ups.com/content/us/en/index.jsx


1. Exchange & Refund Policy


Note :

1.Make sure your wig is intact and lace is uncut off2.Email us photos to use for a return.Our email address is service
allisonbrookephotography.com3.Our USA return attend to is only obtainable for client in USA and Canada.The customers in other nations need to return to our China address.4.All returns don"t have managing fees and restocking fees.We only charge $25 together the shipping fees us pay an express agency to ship your order indigenous China to her country5.Custom make orders are last sales which have the right to not be returned6.VIP members can enjoy a 100% refund for every returns.( please click here to learn exactly how to end up being our VIP members)

2. Processing of Exchange & Refund


1.Are your wigs do of 100% person hair?YES. All of our lace wigs room made that 100% human being hair and you have the right to treat it together your own hair.

2.What are the differences among your 4 hair types?

Brazilian virgin hair and Malaysian virgin hair space of great A quality,the best.Chinese virgin hair is of grade B quality,the better.Indian remy hair is of class C quality, the normal. Which is the most usual hair top top the market.The structure of virgin hair is thicker,so virgin hair have the right to last a much longer time.Also virgin hair shows better performance in hair coloring.

3.What room Lace former Wig and Full Lace Wig?Lace front Wig: "Lace prior Wig" or prior Lace Wig only has lace in the prior of the wig and also the remainder the the wig is made from a consistent netted wig lid or other materials such as thin-skin. You room not able come wear a front lace wig in high up dos or ponytails.Full Lace Wig: "Full Lace Wigs" are lace wigs which space designed with the whole wig lid being made from lace and lace all approximately the perimeter that the wig. Full lace wigs permit you come wear her hair in high up dos and also ponytails. Upon applying & adhering the lace wig, a flawless, natural and also undetectable hairline is created.

4.What space Bleached Knots?When a dark hair is tied come the base of a lace wig v a knot, you have the right to see a dark period on the skin, specifically when the basic is lace. Lace cannot hide the knot in the same means a monofilament basic does. Bleaching knots typically are just done at the former of the lace wig and it helps develop the illusion the your hair is farming out of your head.5.What does thickness refer to?The density refers to how thick the hair is and also what thickness you stimulate is really based on an individual choice. Most women attain a natural appearance with light to tool or tool density; however, your selection will rely on her styling preferences and also individual profile.6.How long can I expect the wig come last?The life of her wig will depend on your use and also care of it. If taken on properly, it must last you around 6 months before needing hair added or a repair. If supplied as your main type of hair replacement and you space using daily, the is reality to suppose it to last 3-6 months before needing a fix or hair added.7.If I location an order today, once will I obtain it?If your order is in share ,normally we require 1-3 organization days to procedure your order and it will certainly take an additional 2-3 service days to reach you by DHL ,Fedex and UPS .8. Will certainly the hairline the the lace wig have a natural look?Yes, as soon as you stay the lace wigs correctly according to our user guide, the hairline will have a natural look, just comparable as your very own hair cultivation from your scalp. Because that customized orders, us recommend girlfriend to have actually baby hairs about the front and perimeter of the wig and also make the hairline with more natural looking.9. Perform you fee extra for baby Hair? go the wig come with Baby Hair?Our perform wigs all have actually baby hair approximately the perimeter. That is complimentary of charge. Also, you can choose to include baby hair approximately front only, earlier only, all around the perimeter or no baby hair of practice wigs. Most people choose to include baby hair all approximately the perimeter which renders the lace wig have actually a an ext natural looking.10. Walk the right hair tide up as soon as being wet?If that is soft straight, ours answer is "Yes, that does". But after that is dry, the silky straight style will be back. The Yaki Perm Straight and also Light Yaki textures do not tide up once wet.

11.What is Yaki hair and what is the difference in between Yaki hair and Silky hair?Yaki hair is a hair texture which is handle from soft hair come resemble the chemically tranquil hair.So Yaki hair looks and feels choose African American hair.If you room looking for organic hair wigs to boost your natural hairstyle,yaki most most likely fits the bill.Silky hair is the unprocessed hair through no structure which looks and also feels smooth and also shiny.

12. What is the difference between Full Lace Cap with Stretch and Full Lace cap without Stretch?These two caps space with lace all roughly the perimeter and obtainable for you come wear her hair in updos and high ponytails. When the caps room glued down, the wig will have actually a organic hairline all roughly the perimeter. The unit deserve to be parted almost everywhere as girlfriend wish. Full lace cap through stretch will be beneficial for mediate on your head size. Complete lace cap v ear to ear stretch have the right to be readjusted in Circumference. Complete lace cap v stretch in crown can be readjusted in crown. Complete lace lid without stretch walk not have actually stretch and can be worn by women without hair or with scarce hair.

13. What is the difference between Swiss lace & French lace?Swiss lace is finer and also softer than French lace. Swiss lace is with much better and herbal looking to enhance the skin. French lace is a little bit thicker and an ext durable for use. Both two species of laces deserve to be dyed to match different skins.14. Carry out I have to wear a wig cap v the wig?No, you perform not have to use any type of wig cap under the wig. You can easily component your very own hair in ~ the same suggest as your wig prior to wearing the unit, which will certainly strengthen her parting ~ above the wig when use.15. Is the wig accessible for gift parted as I wish?Yes, all our lace wigs can be parted anywhere, this is totally free styled. Ours Lace wigs are all freestyle.16. Have the right to I wear my lace wig in a high ponytail?Yes, you can wear your wig in a high ponytail when you apply around your complete perimeter v adhesives. Girlfriend will need a cap construction that is made through lace about the perimeter.17. What sort of adhesive or tape need to I choose?If you want a 1-6 mainly hold,you need to purchase the Ultra organize glue or the for sure Grip Wig Glue.For a 1-10 day hold the Mity Tite is best. Some favor the ease of rojo on tape adhesive.Or use glue in the former hair line and tape in the back.18. Will certainly the glues and also tapes break my skin out?Just like any other new product the you may use, we carry out recommend the you carry out a skin test of you space prone to wake up or have actually sensitive skin. 98% that customer has no trouble with the adhesive or tape.If you have sensitive skin, you may want to begin out through the heart Gum or Hollisters medical Adhesive.

19. I have sensitive skin, i m sorry glue need to I use?If you have actually sensitive skin, you must start out through the heart Gum. You deserve to also shot the Hollisters medical Adhesive i beg your pardon we will be adding to the website shortly. Also,just like any type of other new product that you might use, we do recommend that you carry out a skin check of you room prone to wake up or have actually sensitive skin.

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20. Exactly how to measure the hair length correctly ?The hair length should be from the head optimal to the hair bottom together the hair is straight. The curl and also wavy wig is procedure from right wig, for this reason in the very same length, curl and wavy wig will certainly be shorter by 1"-2" (it counts on just how deep the curl is) than right wig.

21 .What is wefted hair extensions(weaving)?Wefted Hair extensions are simply a curtain of hair provided to layer in to your very own hair to add color, length and or volume. Over there are numerous application methods to select from to apply the wefts.allisonbrookephotography.com offers only superior high quality 100% Remy* and also Non-Remy Wefted person Hair expansions in a multitude the colors come blend with your own hair. Hair expansions Wefts are machine sewn or hand-tied, right or curly and are accessible in 14" to 32" lengths.Wefted Hair expansions can be used using various expert or Do-It-Yourself application methods such together sew-in, weaving, bonding, tape-in, or clip-in. With ideal care, Wefted Hair extensions can be used over and also over and are one affordable method to achieve endless styling possibilities. Try wrapping Wefted Hair Extensions around your own ponytail to produce the illusion the a longer, fuller ponytail or add overall length, volume and also color. Hair extension Wefts space a perfect solution to accomplish sought after red carpet celebrity hairstyles!