Following father Gascoigne’s timely demise, you need to activate the dig of Oedon lamp, walk to the much right that this area and also take the stairs. You’re cost-free to open the door ahead using the Oedon Tomb vital that friend lifted turn off Father Gascoigne, yet instead, take trip to the much left corner to find a fence v a little opening come fit through. Go in this direction and also you’ll autumn onto a rooftop. Rummage through the corpse’s pockets come score a Red Jeweled Brooch because that upgrading weapons. Remember where you received the small Music box in the previous section of the walkthrough? Well, you can hand it over through that same window, yet you won’t acquire anything for your trouble.

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Fall right into a graveyard and go earlier up the staircase, passing through the gate. Now go up another set of stairs and also walk v the narrow opening. To the much right is a ladder, and also you’ll desire to rise it. Once at the top, you’ll see a note sitting on a table; check out it if friend want. Indigenous there, examine the chest to the left and you’ll obtain a Blood Gem Workshop Tool. This is cool due to the fact that it lets you fortify weapons at the workshop in Hunter’s Dream. Alongside the chest is a set of stairs. Go up this steps and also view the cut scene the plays after opened the door.

Cathedral Ward

Walk up and also activate the Cathedral Ward lamp. Currently talk to a mrs behind your hunter; do this two times to hear everything. From here, go back to Hunter’s Dream and also walk over to the familiar main Yharnam lamp. It is in on guard due to the fact that previously killed monsters have actually returned.

Pass v the gate on the left, then travel down 2 staircases. Save walking under these steps, left of wherein you previously encountered a duo that Brick Brutes. Walk to the much right and hang a left towards an ext steps. You’ll need to slaughter part Hounds, and when they’re no much longer alive, go down actions on the left. You’ll see a bridge, so overcome it and also head in the direction of a red lantern. Hit on the door and also the woman inside will graciously hand end a gesture dubbed Triumph.

Walk past the lap and also take the stairs under into one more room. Turn left and pass with the doorway whereby you conserved the yonsei lady. Time come test your Bloodborne skills agsinst part Gravekeepers, located in (conveniently) the cemetary. These guys are not just immune come your simple stun attacks, but they likewise possess much more health than several of the monster you currently encountered. They pull earlier to swing, so prepare to dodge out of harm’s way when necessary.

Put those Gravekeepers (figuratively) in the grave and go best to find a body behind a tree. Search the deceased to choose up Hunter Gloves, Hunter Garb and a peak Hat, i m sorry you deserve to use to customize her character. In every fairness the gear sold at Hunter’s Dream is superior, but if friend want, change into these brand-new threads. Also, beware the portal the opens every one of a sudden. It’s poor news.

Away from the cemetary on the left is another body. Communicate with it to choose up six Blood Vials. Now take the course on the left. There’s a opportunity you only defeated one Gravekeeper, and if that’s the case, the 2nd one need to now have its earlier to you. Sneak up behind the monster and also nail it with a fee Attack, transitioning right into a pulverizing crucial strike.

From here, walk left and down part stairs wherein one Hound and also multiple Henchmen await your arrival. Kill these pests, climate walk over to the much right side to stumble top top two much more dead people. By currently you know what come do. Pilfer their pockets come receive 4 Molotov Cocktails and also two Coldblood Dews.


Go come the far left next of the area yet be ~ above guard. There’s an armed Henchman and two Hounds itching because that a fight. Destroy these fools and also open the door on the right. Go through this door and also then ideal to view a lever. Communicate with this lever and you’ll transfer an object to the area beneath you.

With that out of the way, inspect the human body left the this lever and also you’ll get Madman’s Knowledge. Currently return come the vault room and travel right into the door on the right. You’ll watch stairs top top the right, so take trip down and walk in the direction of the altar come chat with Alfred. Carry out what he says and he’ll offer three Fire Papers, which allow you add fire capacity to her weapons. In addition, Alfred will also offer a gesture dubbed Pray.

With these gifts in hand, go ago up the stairs and also walk into the room, then walk straight right into the next doorway. Go left and down the stairs, climate walk with the door at the peak of the procedures to access another area. You need to now be within of a room directly beneath the lever. Mental the thing you moved? currently there’s a staircase, but don’t take it yet. First, look for the Henchman and slaughter him, climate grab the Madman’s expertise from a corpse near by.

OK, currently it’s cool to take those stairs. In ~ the bottom, go left and collect the one Tempering Blood Gemstone. Walk v the door and down some much more stairs on the right. There’s a Nether Beast here. Death it and also go under the following staircase to uncover a ladder. Usage it to climb down, and also when you reach the bottom, walk up some stairs to discover four Antidotes; these items will certainly cure your hunter as soon as poisoned.

Turn around and travel ago down those steps. Immediately take the next set of steps and also you’ll go into a room. You should activate the Old Yharnam Lamp, climate walk into the room on the right. Smash some pots and pick up three Pungent Blood Cocktails. Return to the lamp room and also go in the contrary direction, at some point coming to a big door.

There’s a keep in mind on this door that basically claims you don’t belonging here. Overlook it and also go with the door to get in Old Yharnam.

Old Yharnam

As girlfriend walk down some stairs, a voice alerts you to get out. Comparable to the note, don’t pay it any kind of mind and go left. A walking Beast will cross the bridge and also there’s some fire to avoid. Proceed moving left to find a corpse with six Blood Vials in a corner.


Enemies in this location are simple to beat, but they will run in the direction of your hunter and also then run backwards once you attempt to attack. Providing you have actually lots of stamina, go on the offensive. Otherwise, replenish Stamina and play this encounter cautiously.

Go across the bridge and also kill three Walking Beasts; there can only be 2 if friend let one cross the leg a pair moments ago. Go to the much left and dispose the the Hooded Beast (slow however mostly the very same creature), then choose up the two Coldblood Dew from the corpse in the edge of the area.

Upon pocketing this items, walk to the opposite next of this location but avoid the stairs because that now. Watch left and you’ll spy an additional Walking Beast. Death this creature and also go left that those stairs, acound a corner and you’ll check out a corpse. Booty the body for two Blood rock Shards. Girlfriend will need to avoid some Walking Beasts if you go this way.

Return to the stairs and walk under to the listed below area. When again the secret voice it is provided a warning. Instead, rush into this location and also destroy the Hooded and also Walking Beasts; stop taking ~ above multiple enemies at one time. Different them as much as possible. Through them dead, push onward till you watch a statue. The ominous voice will certainly compliment you on being a solid hunter, however it’s a trap! easily use the statue as cover to avoid being riddled with gunfire.

When the hail the bullets end, take it the stairs ~ above the right down so you’re top top a balcony. You’ll see an entrance into a building on the left. You need to kill a Hooded Beast, and be responsibility of the gunfire, i m sorry continues. Get in this building and use the balcony together cover.

When you room inside this place, go left and also pick up 3 Antidotes off the body. Get in the doorway top top the left that spills ~ above the external balcony. Whoever is shooting deserve to still hit you from here and also there room two go Beasts wandering about. Oh yes, the pots top top the ground are full of oil the blows increase if mystery shooter blasts them.

By now you probably have some Pebbles in your hunter’s inventory, so use one to attract the attention of the nearest walking Beast; trick it for this reason the creature leaves its buddy behind and also walks into the room you’re in. Once this happens, toss a Molotov Cocktail at some pots and then repeat the process for the second monster.

With the 2 Walking Beasts gone because that good, operation to the edge of the balcony and also lift three Antidotes turn off a corpse. Currently pass v the entrance to the left and also walk across a wooden bridge. You’ll to walk onto an alcove on the left and meet 3 Crazed Crows in require of a beating. When they room dead, search the corpse and also pick up 2 Blood rock Shards.

With the loot pocketed, turn around and also travel across the path right into a building. There’s no gunfire for the moment being, however you’ll quiet fight a Hooded Demon and Two go Beasts. Kill the creatures and search because that a corpse holding an Antidote. Go right into an additional room and you’ll see a body with one Bloodtinge Gemstone, offered for upgrading weapons.

Go into the previous room and walk v the door near the various other corpse. The gunfire is a difficulty here, for this reason walk straight and also use trees together cover points while damaging the Hooded Beast and three wade Beasts.

Kill the monsters and also walk straight to fight one Hooded Beast and also one go Beast. Carry out your business and also look ideal to spy another statue. You have the right to use it as cover, but an initial you need to kill the two Walking Beasts and one Hooded Beast. While at the statue, look because that a body and take the three Coldblood Dew indigenous it. Was standing behind the frostbite looking in the direction of the source of the gunfire, then run straight and down the procedures on the right. Time to battle a Hunter.

This monster is rather intelligent, and also will attmpt to draw you out of hiding into firing range. You desire to remain between two sets of actions in the reduced area to protect against taking cartridge damage. Thankfully the Hunter won’t it is in able to help itself and will ultimately get close enough for friend to death it. Inspect the corpse to get six Bone Marrow Ash, a cool item that allows you combine bullets.

Take the actions down and you’ll see a ladder on the left. Rise it and then a bunch that ladders to fight the rifle-wielding Hunter, yet don’t take him on. He’s strong, uses Molotov cocktails and will heal self when provided the opportunity. Perfect scenario, you defeat the Blood-starved Beast in the coming boss battle, then travel v a back way so friend wind up behind this Hunter, preferably throughout the nighttime. This way you can hit him v a fee Attack and then a an important strike. Even better, you will have leveled up beforehand; beat the to receive a powder Keg Hunter Badge.

If you choose to leave this adversary alone because that now, take it the little wooden stairs and hit the Hooded Beast over with a pebble. There’s a door ~ above the right, however kill the Hooded Beast and Hooded Demon first.

With them down, pick up three Antidotes top top the corpse to the right. Now walk under the stairs ~ above the left. Watch right and also travel with the door, then death the Hooded Beast top top the balcony. Remain on this balcony staring at the door, since there’s a great chance Hooded Beasts and also Walking Beasts are around to attack. There’s additionally the opportunity this won’t happen and you’ll encounter these enemies after walking under the next collection of steps.

Kill all of the negative guys and also walk to the farthest side the the balcony to find a corpse with two Blood stone Shards. Exit ago out that the door and down the measures on the right. You will probably interact a few enemies here.

If friend look in the direction of the alcove you may see a Hooded Demon. There’s also a body situated on this alcove with a Madman’s Knowledge.

OK, now it’s time to take it the door we previously told you to ignore. You’ll to walk onto a wooden catwalk and also go left, then loss to the catwalk and also then the next catwalk. Currently turn around and also you’ll see yet another corpse, this one containing 2 Coldblood Dew.


Go to the much side of the catwalk and also fall down to an additional floor. Go in the direction of the altar ~ above the left and also collect divine Chalice items and one ritual Blood. Go behind the altar into the corridor, then walk left down some stairs. Death the Crazed Crows and collect two Blood stone Shards. Rotate around and also go ago up the steps, then take trip the various other way. Explore the end of this walkway and also pick up six Blood Vials from a dead body.

To the right of this dead person is a room, so go inside and also ascend the ladder. At the optimal is a gate. Open it, and also this enables you to return to the area where the gun-carrying Hunter is located. Take the ladder down and also go left right into a hallway.

Walk gradually to avoid gaining surprise struck by three Walking Beasts. In addition, it is in on the lookout for an Imp was standing in the right corner of this room. While harmless, Imps do a quick escape. Death it and also get 3 Blood rock Shards.

Go left and also walk under the stairs come encounter two Nether Beasts. Obliterate this enemies and check the left corner as friend walk down the actions to watch a body v two Pungent Blood Cocktails. If you explore the path in the appropriate corner, you’ll find one more body, this one v two more Blood stone Shards. There’s likewise a locked door. You must return come the area you battled the Nether Beasts and then take the course on the right.

After doing this, travel throughout the bridge and go left. There’s a Nether Beast here, so kill it and also then walk about the corner to receive six Beast Blood Pellets ~ above the following body; this lets you accessibility beasthood. Now return come the bridge, look left and also travel under the path. It is in wary of the building on the right because a Nether Beast will exit through the door. Slaughter this creature and walk into the now busted entrance. Friend can likewise pick up an Antidote top top a body nearby.

When within the building, you’ll mix it up with a wade Beast wait on some stairs. Kill it and also go upstairs, then through the door ~ above the left. Inside the room is an additional Walking Beast, for this reason lay the smackdown and also look for a human body laying in the corner. Search it to get two Blood stone Shards.

With the items collected, continue walking up the steps and also ignore the door on the left, at the very least for the moment being. With the height of these steps, method the dead person and also pick up two Fire Papers. Now go back down the steps and through the door we simply told you to ignore. Go left and also round the edge up some wooden steps. Watch the ladder? rise it come discover an additional body, this one through two Coldblood Dew. Automatically drop down and you’ll return to the beginning of this area, finish with an Imp standing on the roof. Kill the imp, drop down and also go come the much side. Look down and right come spy an additional body laying on the walkway. Drop down and pick up the Blood rock Shard.

Drop come the roof and go left, then jump under a pair more times. If you walk left from right here you’ll find two Hooded Beasts, and also on the far left is a corpse with a Hunter’s Torch; think the it as an upgrade to the one you at this time possess. From where you first dropped is a damaged railing. Walk to it and also drop down again to reach the location from wherein you exited the stairwell. Go in there and also take the stairs down so you leaving the building.

Look right and also head down this path. Look left to check out smoke partly obscuring a narrow pathway. Prior to taking it, peak roughly the corner on the left and kill the Nether Beast. Currently travel under the path, however be careful of the Hooded Demon waiting to pounce. You’ll see a ramp, and if girlfriend look ideal there’s a corpse v 10 Quicksilver Bullets. Pick those up and take the ramp. With the top and also then instantly look left come spy an Imp. Ruin the Imp, return to the top and examine the body on the opposite next of the measures to score two Bold Hunter’s Marks. Now go earlier down those steps.

Quickly travel to the appropriate side of this place and stay close to the fence. There’s a corpse, however a Hooded Beast suddenly appears from behind the high grass. Dispose that this enemy and search the corpse for three Coldblood Dew. If girlfriend want, death the Hooded Beast behind the tree come the left.

Return come the stair you simply walked down and also go the left side, passing the fire. There’s a large boulder and body behind that with three Coldblood Dew. There’s additionally a dead tree on the left with a Hooded Beast nearby by. Death the monster and also then walk up the stairs at the finish of this location for the ceo fight!

Boss Fight through the Blood-starved Beast

Beat the Blood-starved Beast to receive the Pthumeru Chalice.


You must lug 10 Antidotes (the max) into this battle, in addition to as many Blood Vials as you have the right to carry. In addition, prolong your cutting weapon since the Blood-starved Beast is both fast and jumps around. The much more range girlfriend have, the better.

At the start, technique the Beast and also wait until its arms begin to move, signifying an attack. As soon as this happens, dodge left or right, or best case scenario, behind the creature. Because it moves around so much there’s a great chance you’ll dodge out of strike range, yet remain patient.

It’s important to know the monster’s assault patterns and also the damages you’ll take. Never ever under any kind of circumstances was standing in former of this ceo for as well long since it will grab and also then bite your hunter, poisoning him.

If you save your distance, the Blood-starved beast will certainly jump in her direction and also unleash several fast slashing attacks. When that happens, dodge a couple of times. It may likewise attempt to provide one or two swipe attacks, yet these are easy to evade and also then respond to attack.

When the Blood-starved Beast make the efforts its jump attack, dodge at the appropriate time come wind increase behind her foe and score a crucial strike; you should be straight behind the Beast because that this strike to land. Even if you find it challenging executing the critical strike, her hunter’s three-hit combo will get the project done.

Remember, remain relatively close to the Beast, dodge and also then respond to with your extended weapon. If you get lucky, go for a Charge strike that turns right into a an important strike.

With just under 50 percent health remaining, the Beast was standing on that is hind legs. That’s your cue to run away as quick as feasible because the Beast unleashes poison; girlfriend don’t want to be all over near that.

Apologies, however this struggle just came to be even tougher. Through the Blood-starved Beast leaking poison almost everywhere the place, it’s nice much impossible to avoid becoming poisoned. If (when) this happens, be responsibility of the bar over her hunter. Have to this bar fill up completely, you’ll lose health at a much much faster pace.

This might be challenging to do, yet when the poisoned bar an initial appears do not use an Antidote. Just use one when the bar is much more than fifty percent full; girlfriend only have actually 10 Antidotes, after all. Conserve these for as soon as you really need them, and also use Blood Vials to optimal off her health. Should you operation out of Antidotes, here’s some great news, there are three much more behind a frosting in this room.

Whatever happens, stay locked-on to the Beast so it doesn’t escape your sight. Store your street (easier claimed than done) and also either usage an Antidote or Blood Vial if necessary. Dodge, dodge and dodge again!

No should be too many aggressive since of the poison. Gain close, transaction a couple of attacks and also then back away to possibly use one of those aforementioned items. While you can still carry out Charge Attacks, they are even tougher to execute at this point. Stick through the basics.

With the Blood-starved Beast ultimately dead, walk to the finish of this area and also light the Church of the great Chalice lamp. If you did no pick increase those 3 Antidotes through the statue, now’s the time.

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