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If you went anywhere near the web in February 2015, you can remember a tiny phenomenon well-known as #thedress. The optical illusion caused an intense conflict over which colors it really was, v the world split in between blue and black or white and also gold. (The answer was blue and also black by the way.)

Well, one more mind-bending picture is below to pains your brain and destroy your friendships. Ready for it?

What colors space these flip-flops?

They"re unarguably, unquestionably blue and black in mine eyes, yet my coworkers (and the rest of the world) would prefer to disagree. Follow to a poll conducted by Buzzfeed, most world see white and gold, v the remaining voters split in between black and also blue; gold and blue; and also blue and brown.

however ready for her mind to be truly blown? Havaianas confirmed to Buzzfeed that the shoes space actually nobody of the above. The stripes space really blue and also dark blue:


So what"s continue in that viral picture then? because that #thedress, scientists believed the picture forced the mind to decide exactly how much light to be shining on it, affecting color perception in the process. "The picture being overexposed and a little dull renders the colors an ext open to interpretation," an ophthalmologist said Seventeen.

Basically, some human being saw a same amount that illumination on a blue and black dress, while others saw a white and also gold dress in shadow. The exact same optical trickery is probably going on here as well. For this reason if your Thanksgiving dinner ends up being pretty tame, carry out this photo and watch chaos ensue.

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