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its a really cliche isekai power fantasy. The main character can not instantly be a god-like gift in this other world, that trope is still an extremely much in beat in various other ways, part bordering ~ above the bottom that the barrel of trash isekai tropeswhile the story is somewhat original, every trope has been excellent before, and done better, while the is no a bad thing, the main character is so passive about just around everything it boundaries on insaneIf you desire a an excellent time while reading trash isekai, this is because that you, however if you want something through depth you might want to look elsewhere

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A young guy rents a large mansion because that a small amount and discovers that it's linked to a dungeon in another world. The rescues a girl and also learns that in the other civilization he has a status table!Only a couple of chapters space scanlated as of march 23rd 2018, but it's a fun read. This is the sort of RPG dungeon adventure that is best consumed in large doses. It's a good set increase so far though.There's a ecchi high quality to the text, however it's not aggressively sexual. Unfortunately, the looks prefer our MC is one more person who concurrently wants sex however turns under every opportunity because that it, or at least so far. The MC is 21 year old i m sorry is a great departure from the always 15 year old protagonists that you gain in a most other manga. He has a part-time job, and also being maybe to rental his very own place additionally nicely gets rid of any type of 'hiding the girl I found in another world' from my parental plotline.The characters, while no groundbreaking, seem real and also distinct, or at the very least they're a an excellent primer for later development. I look forward to seeing where this collection goes. It's a hard 7, and also with the enhancement of much more chapters, might be a 7.5 or even 8. If you choose Isekai RPG stories with some part of life thrown in, you'll gain Boku no Heya ga Dungeon no Kyuukeijo ni Natteshimatta Ken.