Bora-Care v Mold care is a wood treatment equipment that serves as a termiticide, insecticide, and also fungicide. The is applied to hardwood in new or pre-existing construction to prevent and also stop miscellaneous wood-destroying pests and decay. It is for sure for pets, families, and the environment.

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Bora-Care through Mold treatment is produced by Nisus Corporation come treat bare timber surfaces together a termiticide, fungicide, moldicide, and also insecticide. The comes v both products separated v the exact same container. Bora-Care v Mold care together provides the active ingredients disodium octaborate tetrahydrate and didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride to avoid wood surface from decaying or being ruined by insects like termites. The is appropriate to use before completing the construction of a residence or to help repair water damage. Bora-Care v Mold care is a multi-purpose product the is great to defend homes, garages, and also many other building structures.

Tools Needed

To mix Bora-Care Mold Care, a 6 gallon or larger size bucket, 3/8 to 1/2" drill, and also paddle little (like one come mix paint) is needed. To use Bora-Care Mold Care, a backpack sprayer, stainless stole handheld pump sprayer, or skilled skid sprayer is needed.

How to Use


Step 1:Determine exactly how much Boracare Moldcare girlfriend will need by measure up the direct feet (the length of the measurement ie. 6 full feet = 6 direct feet) that the hardwood you will certainly be treating and also the square footage (length x width (in feet) = square footage) of any sheathing, insulation or drywall you will be treating. One perfect gallon that Boracare Moldcare will certainly treat 400 direct feet of timber or 400 square feet that sheathing, insulation or drywall.Step 2: come make basic applications through a backpack sprayer or handheld pump sprayer, begin by filling up the bucket with 4 gallons of warmth to warm water and then beginning agitation v the aid of a paddle little bit attached to a drill. Slowly add 1 gallon the Bora-Care and also 1 pint that Mold care to the bucket. Use the last 1 gallon the water to triple rinse the end the Bora-Care v Mold care container and pour right into the bucket to make a complete 5-gallon mixture.Continue mix until the solution is choose water. A 5:1 ratio solution will keep for approximately 30 days.Step 3:Pour the combined solution into the spray tank that a handheld stainless stole pump sprayer or backpack sprayer that can hold 2 come 4 gallons of solution. Because that larger amounts a spraying rig need to be used.Step 4:Apply the spray solution to bare wood on various areas covering the whole surface uniformly. Spray hardwood surfaces to the point of wet, however not runoff. Surfaces must be totally dry before painting or affixing overlayment materials. Applications have the right to be make as regularly as when a year.

Where to Use


Bora-Care Mold care can be used to bare timber surface locations indoor and also outdoors. It can be used to structure structures, paper rock, patios, porches, wooden decks, fences, and also any bare wooden surface ar to stop and also prevent mold, fungi, and wood destroying pests. It is recommended to pay attention to areas that room prone come water damage, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Do not usage Bora-Care v Mold treatment on floor to kill termites and do not apply in food serving areas. Bora-Care through Mold care will not work on wood surfaces that have been painted or stained.

When come Use

It is best to apply Bora-Care v Mold Care prior to insects, mold, or mushroom is doubt to avoid wood damages for as much as 1 year. Bora-Care through Mold care can be used after visible damage is recognized, however may should have second approved fungicide or insecticide blended in for added control.

It is encourage to apply Bora-Care with Mold Care before framing in a brand-new home to protect against future damage.

Safety Information

Bora-Care Mold care is safe to use around children and pets when used according to the product label. Constantly wear the proper personal protective tools when mixing or using Bora-Care Mold Care.

Special Considerations

Cover plants and also shrubs to keep them from gift damaged by Bora-Care Mold care when making applications. Bora-Care Mold treatment can likewise be used as a mist or foam for hard to with areas. Check out the label for extr instructions.

Additional Information

availability restricted Use Shipping limitations Brand Keith"s Pro pointer Product border Target Pests Application devices Application methods energetic Ingredient Chemical kind Formulation Mix price Shelf Life yield usage Sites Time to death Comparable products
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"Heat, moisture, and lack of ventilation offers the perfect setting for mold and also fungi to grow. The areas in the residence that create this kind of atmosphere is the kitchen, bathrooms, and attic. Pay fist to these areas when applying Bora-Care through Mold Care."
Bora-Care v Mold care is primarily used to treat bare wood surface areas and also cannot be applied to vegetation or soil to kill insects. We recommend making use of Flex 10-10 or Bifen I/T for other surface areas.
Bora-Care and also Mold care together controls subterranean termites, formosan termites, drywood termites, carpenter ants, various wood damaging beetles, mushroom (rot), algae, and more. For more target pests please describe the label.
Backpack Sprayer, Gloves, Pump Sprayer, Spray Rig
Broadcast Spray, crack & Crevice, spot Treatment
Bora-Care consists of Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate- 40%, Mold care contains Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride- 80%
Emulsifiable concentration (EC)
The mix rate for Bora-Care with Mold treatment will vary depending upon the target pests and also if the is used as a preventative therapy or a manage method. Come treat infested areas, mix together as 1:1 proportion with 1 gallon of Bora-Care and also 1 pint the Mold treatment with 1 gallon of water. For more specific application prices please describe the label.
Bora-Care through Mold treatment will critical for up to 1 to 2 years as soon as stored follow to the product label. Store Bora-Care with Mold treatment in the initial container in a cool, dry storage area.
A 1 gallon systems will treat up to 400 plank feet, or 400 square feet of sheathing, insulation or drywall.

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Indoors, Outdoors
Bora-Care through Mold treatment takes about 1 to 3 main to regulate mold and fungus. Wood ruining insects will be killed as lock consume cure wood.
Nisus Mold-Clean, BoraCare Termite Treatment, Tim-Bor Insecticide