gift the off-the-wall and also often zany experience it is, Gearbox's frenzied RPG shooter Borderlands 3 has an ext than its re-publishing of distinct features and oddities. These take the form of the game's massive array of weapons, together with some colorful characters and also silly dialogue. Though the game's unique brand of humor additionally sometimes creeps right into some of the quests; consisting of the an especially amusing "puzzle" within the campaign segment that commences ~ rescuing Tannis, "Angels and Speed Demons".

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Being one of the later quests in the game, the difficulty tends to ramp up quite a bit at this point — despite the exact same can't yes, really be stated for the puzzle that lives in Tannis' surprise lab.

together a next note, it's a an excellent idea to be about level 28 - 30 at this point.

Anyway, this deceptively tricky puzzle takes the form of a console with 4 light panels; or for this reason you're caused believe... However first, let's touch top top the measures needed to reach this area.

Borderlands 3 Angels and Speed Demons Minecart shoot gas tank rojo towards wall surface downhill
very first thing's an initial — you'll require to finish the first portion the the Angels and Speed Demons quest, which starts with heading come Devil's Razor after report to Lilith at the Bridge. Vaughn will certainly request your aid in rallying support and providing firepower in Roland's Rest. when this is excellent (technically it's a "failed" endeavor, though this is an alleged to take place in the game), teleport to The Arrogant strategy Fast-Travel station in Konrad's Hold. You'll notification a waypoint top top a lower-level region to the northeast. Do your means north. After ~ trekking throughout the railyard and also reaching the 3 waypoints, you'll require to discover a way into Tannis' lab. this waypoints take the form of three damaged levers. Simply behind these, you'll uncover a minecart through a gas canister attached to the back. Shoot the tank and also the cart will certainly blast with the wall surface of the warehouse.
Borderlands 3 Angels and Speed Demons pipe break with Tannis
This will reason a segment of pipe to break off and also break v the ground. Head through the pipe. This will lead you come the Crawling Dungeons. Fall down the empty elevator shaft and you can make your way to Tannis' secret lab native there. You'll require to guide a minecart through meleeing it under a monitor while staving turn off some much more Varkids. The lab will certainly then be open up to you. You'll get in Angel's Light, i beg your pardon is the location of this puzzle. RELATED: Borderlands 3: how To open up The Vaulthalla an enig Room

Borderlands 3 Angels and Speed Demons dashboard Puzzle decoy green and red irradiate panels
once in Angel's Light, you'll should fire at each of the four couplings top top the surrounding reactor, which will reason it come spark. now the "fun" begins. Friend may notice a big computer console with 4 red and green irradiate panels. It shows up that hitting these lights to rotate them red in the exactly sequence will cause the loading of the reactor. However as it happens — there is no means to successfully finish this "puzzle." friend can try every combination imaginable, yet the lights will store resetting ago to green after one or 2 presses, indicating an not correct sequence. Common Gearbox, right?
Borderlands 3 Angels and also Speed Demons reactor path to lever
as soon as you've realized you've to be wasting time fumbling around with a device that's naught however a decoy, you may an alert another much smaller console across the leg that passes under the reactor, in the direction of the southern end of the room. Head down this little path and also simply flip the switch. It's a huge lever with two yellow arrows denote this is undoubtedly your real allude of interest...
Borderlands 3 Angels and also Speed Demons reactor correct bar with arrows

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and Voilà! The fill reactor "puzzle" is solved! Wait for the reactor come transport across the room. Head come the garage in Sandblast Scar and also proceed onward to victory! NEXT: Borderlands 3's Floating Cube Puzzle overview

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