In Star Wars: empire at War, players controlled whole war for the Star wars galaxy together the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. Now, lock will confront off versus both of them in forces of Corruption together a brand new third faction.As Tyber Zann, players will avoid at nothing together they seek to further the sinister agenda that the Zann Consortium and also become the most notorious criminal leader because Jabba the Hutt. With all new tactics like piracy, kidnapping, and also bribery, players can manage the shadowy pressures of corruption in their attempt to dominion the Star battles underworld.

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AddedMay 21st, 2016
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This is (only) a model of the now canon Dornean Gunship. It is the ship-class the the "Apalaina"s Promise" featured in the novel "Battlefront: Twilight Company". No fatality clone or XML paper is included.

This is (only) a model of the now canon Dornean Gunship. It is the ship-class of the "Apalaina"s Promise" featured in the novel "Battlefront: Twilight Company".

The model was made by bobbtmann ( which to be originally created Fate that the Galaxy ( i beg your pardon is a conversion of Freespace 2 so say thanks to bobbtmann/them for the model.

I rigged this version with ALOT the bones so you can make this an OP tools platform if girlfriend want yet ideally I want this to it is in a canon replacement of the DP20. Over there is no fatality clone however, though due to the fact that it need to be one antifighter corvette it shouldn"t it is in a big problem.

This have the right to be provided freely yet of course offering credit is highly recommended (so as no to it is in a prick :P) Don"t forget to inspect out Fate that the Galaxy i beg your pardon looks awesome.

Credits:Model: bobbtmannTexture: bobbtmannRigging: Sly442


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Sacer might 21 2016

Also well-known as Braha"tok-class gunship.

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Sly442 might 21 2016

Not in canon. ;P

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Loganandsomthing Apr 9 2017

How perform i add this in game? Is the a different way than adding a mod?

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Guest might 12 2017

Yes my inquiry is the very same noobish question as Logan. I wanna use this model however have no clue exactly how to carry out it.

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Knightschneider Oct 24 2017

Wait this ship is canon it remained in episode 6 and also was in Rebels season 3 finale

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Nolanstar Mar 8 2018

Just looking in ~ this now theres an worry with the rigging, you have the bones collection up because that turret hardpoints (going through .alo model, green dealing with backwards from the turret) yet this is a turretless model, and also thus therigging skews the hardpoints and makes this gimpy. What need to be excellent is (by .alo) viewer, red facing the direction the you want it come shoot. At this time all the guns face sideways incorrectly.

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JB_007 jan 2 2019

Guys exactly how do ya include the model right into the video game ?plz help

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