rest statement

The purpose the break statement is to an outbreak of a loop early. For example if the adhering to code asks a usage input a creature number x. If x is divisible by 5, the rest statement is executed and this reasons the departure from the loop.

#include making use of namespace std;int main() { int i=0 if (true){ cout> x; cout Results developed


as a second example, we desire to determine whether or no an creature x is a prime. Here, we division x starting with 2. If one divisor is discovered then we can conclude the x is no a prime. This task deserve to be fixed by using a loop with a break statement. The code and also the result produced are presented below:

#include making use of namespace std;int main() { int x; cout> x; int div=2; bool isprime=true; if (div outcomes

continue statement

This statement allows you come skip a portion of a loop in one iteration.. For example, if we want to write a routine that will print 1 come 25, excluding the multiples the three, it can be done utilizing a continue statement as presented in the following


#include using namespace std;int main() { int i; i =-1; if (i In this regimen a proceed statement is put after the if statement. Thus, as soon as i is a multiple of three, the proceed statement will be executed. This causes the rest of the iteration skipped and also therefore, the worth of i will certainly not it is in printed. The result produced by this regime is shown below:

do while Loop

perform while loop is a loop framework where the exit condition is checked at the bottom the the loop. This means that this framework will permit at least one iteration. In contrast, a while loop check the condition first and so, there is a opportunity that the loop exited also without doing one iteration.

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The password shown below shows how to amount the an initial ten natural number making use of a perform while loop structure. The is important to notification the semicolon in ~ the end of the while

#include utilizing namespace std;int main() { int i, sum; sum = 0; i=1; do amount += i; i++; when (i !=11); cout Results printed by password