Breast lift, or ‘mastopexy’, involves repositioning the breast and also nipple/areola to a much more natural, perky, and also youthful position. Weight get or loss, pregnancy, breast feeding, the impacts of gravity, and changes in skin top quality all can play a component in breast sagging or ‘ptosis’. Implants may also be placed which can carry out an also greater lot of fullness. There room patients in who implants alone will lift the breasts come an appropriate level. Throughout your consultation, Dr. Gorin will aid guide girlfriend in a direction that will afford the best result possible.

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and also your results might vary.

Unless otherwise noted: The left is before, and the right is after ~ procedure.

Patient 1

Details: 286cc silicone gelatin implants Post-op 1 yearAge: 34yrsChildren: 0Height: 5′ 5″Weight: 145lbs


Patient 4

Details: chest lift v 500cc high file silicone gelatin implants 6 months Post-opAge: 38yrsChildren: 2Height: 5′ 0″Weight: 120lbs

Patient 5

Details: 295cc silicone gelatin implants Post-op 6moAge: 30yrsChildren: 3Height: 5′ 4″Weight: 130lbs

Patient 6

Details: 457cc silicone gelatin implants Post-op 4moAge: 23yrsChildren: 0Height: 5′ 3″Weight: 122lbs

Patient 8

Details: 304cc silicone gel implants Post-op 7 moAge: 35yrsChildren: 2Height: 5′ 1″Weight: 122lbs

Patient 9

Details: had actually mastopexy augmentation v 200cc silicones 3 yrs ago. Developed capsular contracture, recurrent sag, and also desired to walk smaller. An additional mastopexy augmentation with 150cc silicone gelatin implants. Post-op 1 year (also had scar revision)Age: 54yrsChildren: 2Height: 5′ 7″Weight: 121lbs

Patient 10

Details: 457cc gels, 3 month post-opAge: 30yrsChildren: 2Height: 5′ 3″Weight: 154bs

Patient 11

Details: chest lift with Augmentation (450cc salines) Post-op 3 monthsAge: 30yrsHeight: 5′ 1″Weight: 148bs

Patient 12

Details: 421cc silicone gel implants Post-op 8 monthsAge: 34yrsChildren: 1Height: 5′ 6″Weight: 130bs

Patient 13

Details: chest Lift Post-op 1 yearAge: 37yrsChildren: 2Height: 5′ 5″Weight: 140bs

Patient 14

Details: 400cc moderate to add salines Post-op 8 monthsAge: 24yrsChildren: 2Height: 5′ 9″Weight: 150bs

Patient 15

Details: chest augmentation + Mastopexy 275 moderate to add saline implants Post-op 1yr. Upright scar only, no transverse scar necessaryAge: 40yrsChildren: 3Height: 5′ 7″Weight: 130bs

Patient 16

Details: 275cc silicone implantsAge: 32yrsChildren: 1Height: 5′ 8″Weight: 155bs

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