This is a overview to the next Quest, A Parent"s Love, in Legend the Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here you can find the search walkthrough, wherein to start A Parent"s Love and all search rewards.

How to start A Parent"s Love


A Parent"s Love Location

pursuit Giver location
Tarrey Town

This side search will be available after completing From the floor Up side quest. Start the quest by eavesdropping ~ above Ruli and also Hagie through their window in Tarrey Town.

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A Parent"s Love Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Eavesdrop ~ above Rui and also Hagie
Prepare a Monster Cake
Give the Monster Cake come Ruli
Listen v the window
Go come the residence beside Tarrey Town"s Inn and also listen top top Ruli and Hagie"s conversation v the open window.

Prepare a Monster Cake

2 3
Gather ingredients because that a Monster Cake You deserve to make a Monster Cake for this pursuit using this ingredients:・Cane Sugar・Goat Butter・Monster Extract・Tabantha Wheat
Make a Monster Cake After collection the ingredients needed, cook these in a food preparation pot to make a Monster Cake.

Give the Monster Cake to Ruli

Give the Monster Cake come Ruli Travel earlier to Tarrey Town and talk come Ruli to hand end the Monster Cake. Talk to her again and also she will thank you v a Gold Rupee for helping your daughter.

A Parent"s Love quest Rewards


After providing the Monster Cake come Ruli, speak to her again and also she will give you a Gold Rupee as thanks.

Adventure log Entries

This is a complete list that the Adventure log in entries because that A Parent"s Love.

entry Entry text
Quest Start You overheard a fight between Hagie and Ruli, husband and also wife. Your daughter Hunnie is sick and also won"t get much better if she doesn"t eat. However the point is, the only food she has an appetite because that is cake, and also finding a details cake to please her has proven practically impossible. Ruli is at her wit"s end, prepared to also trade her heart to a monster if it means finding a cake she daughter will eat. Where space you going to uncover a an ideal cake?
1st Update You offered Ruli a monster cake! she sick daughter, Hunnie, who has not had actually an appetite for anything however cake lately, had the ability to eat it. Examine in with Ruli to uncover out how Hunnie is doing.
Quest Clear You to be generously awarded for providing Ruli a monster cake.

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Her daughter Hunnie appears to have made a complete recovery, well sufficient even come play exterior again.

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