Side pursuits in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild favor "The Lost Pilgrimage" are among the hardest in the game. Some side missions prefer fixing Kass"s riddles or finding Korok seeds to increase your inventory are nopoint compared to needing to play ninja for a prolonged duration of time. Even through Zelda: Breath of the Wild"s Sheik armor, the job is grueling.

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Here are some tips for overcoming "The Lost Pilgrimage" side search in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and also earn a spirit orb, courtesy of Kotaku.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild "The Lost Pilgrimage": How to beat it


Oh, so my nightmare? Cool.Kotaku

You"ll initially desire to head to the Lost Woods by means of Korok Forest. Fast travel to the shrine at Korok Foremainder and also then leave the area. One of the four Korok in the Lost Woods will certainly have a trial for you. Locate Tasho, the Korok standing on the rock.

You"re tasked through adhering to a Korok, Oaki, on its way to a shrine and you can not be spotted. So make certain you throw on eexceptionally piece of stealthy Sheik garments you have as well as down any kind of potions or food that rise your stealth. Also push in the left analog stick to crouch as you walk for bonus stealth points.

Keep in mind that in the Lost Woods, as the name suggests, you can get lost pretty conveniently. Veer also far off the course and you"ll end up transferring earlier to the beginning.

Oaki may be hard to see but his gear will rattle and make noise, helping you save track of where he is ondisplay. Above all else, make sure the little Korok does not watch you. He will turn approximately eincredibly when in a while, so it"s on you to hide behind a surrounding tree. 

Throughout one portion of the mission, Oaki will be struck by wolves, yet resist coming to his rescue. Shoot an arrow at the wolf. Even if you"re sent to the beginning of the puzzle for messing up, the wolf will certainly not respawn.

No issue exactly how you play it, "The Lost Pilgrimage" will be challenging for you. Strap in and make sure to usage every Zelda stealth trick you"ve learned.

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