There's much more entertainment happening off-camera than on-camera ~ above Ten's latest truth dating instalment, Bachelor in Paradise.

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Brett Moore, the man no one remembers indigenous Sophie Monk's season that The Bachelorette, was last night sent out packing native "Paradise" (aka Fiji) after the failed allisonbrookephotography.come land a rose due to the fact that it to be alleged the he had a girlfriend in the exterior world.

In an upset exchange through a producer, Moore refuse to confirm or deny he was single with rumours swirling that was date Perth-native Stephanie Boulton, that no one remembers native Matty J’s season the The Bachelor (do you watch a pattern forming here?).


Angry and seemingly shocked by his portrayal, Moore required to Instagram allisonbrookephotography.come lash the end at producers saying they put "production end humanity" and painted him as a "shit bloke".

He declared producers knew around his situation with Boulton and the arrangement all along was for Boulton to also join the in Paradise, wherein viewers might have the satisfied of watching their love blossom, while the pair would have the pleasure of being on a "paid" holiday, wherein they can "sip cocktails" v their truth TV mates if Ten picked up the tab.

Backing up she man, Boulton showed up on the Kyle and Jackie O Show top top Tuesday morning to claim that the producers knew they were a couple from the outset.

"I actually acquired the phone call very first to go on Paradise. I claimed no, they currently knew around me and also Brett. I said, 'No, me and Brett have been hanging out and also it’s walk well, why would I?'" she said.

"Ten minutes later Brett texted me and also said he'd gained a contact from Bachelor in Paradise. I was like, 'I just told castle no since of you.’ They to be interested in the going on the show, so i texted earlier to and said, 'you recognize me and Brett have actually been hanging out but it's an awesome opportunity, so I'm to crawl too.'"

She said he go on the island and also "the whole thing blew up".

"I think they just wanted their first drama," Boulton added.


A producer confronts Moore about the rumours the was no single.Credit:Ten

However, Warner Bros., the production agency behind the show, has denied Moore and also Boulton's chain the events.

"Being single and easily accessible to uncover love is a prerequisite for being ~ above Bachelor in Paradise. Brett and Steph were originally contacted together individuals however said they were seeing each other, so us wished lock the best and also moved on," a Warner Bros. Spokesperson said Fairfax Media.

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"They both then individually contacted us saying they were now in a place to walk on the show, we had actually no factor to doubt what they claimed was true.

"Once it was confirmed during filming that Brett and also Stephanie were in reality dating, Stephanie to be no much longer eligible for the show."