Spears and "Make Me..." collaborator G-Eazy carry out "Me, Myself & I," the rapper"s duet with rising star Rexha



If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Bebe Rexha gained some severe kudos indigenous pop aristocracy at the VMAs.

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Britney Spears take it the phase with G-Eazy Sunday night in brand-new York, wherein she performed a mash-up of your current single “Make Me…” and the rapper’s breakout hit, “Me, Myself & I,” through Spears singing the transmittable hook made famous by Rexha.

Judging by her reaction on society media, climbing star Rexha, 26, was as surprised together the rest of the audience at Madison Square Garden, posting the wide-eyed and also blushing “flushed” emoji top top Twitter simply moments after ~ the performance.

Shortly after, Rexha got to rub elbows v the pop veteran, snapping a picture with Spears – who released her brand-new album Glory – backstage.

“Amazing moment hearing one of my idols execute MM&I tonight,” Rexha captioned the shot, together the “princess” emoji, top top Instagram.

As it transforms out, Spears was simply as tickled to hang through Rexha. Monday afternoon, she tweeted: “It was so good meeting you critical night,

It to be the first trip to the VMAs for “No broken Hearts” singer Rexha, that is featured on martin Garrix‘s new single “In the surname of Love.” during the live telecast, she and fellow breakout Tove Lo take it the stage to current an award.

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Spears, 34, is of course a staple when it comes to yearly MTV spectacle and is responsible for few of its most memorable moment – from making her debut in 1999 through “…Baby One much more Time” and also sporting a yellow Burmese Python while performing “I’m a servant 4 U” in 2001 come locking lips through Madonna and Christina Aguilera in 2003. This is the an initial year Spears has taken the VMAs stage because performing she iconic fight “Gimme More” in 2007.

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