Brittney Atwood is a renowned gorgeous, social media phenomenon. She got stardom v the vlogs of she husband, roman Atwood. Along with that, she is additionally famous as among the most attractive YouTubers.

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Brittney Atwood Age

Can girlfriend guess the date of birth of this quite lady? Brittney to be born on February 16, 1991, and celebrates her birthday on the same day, every year. Subsequently, she got to the age of 30 years old as of 2021.


Height and Weight

This enchanting YouTuber is of median stature, standing high at 5 feet 4 inches and weighs around 54 kg. Atwood has suitable facial structure with a youthful skin composition, expressive enticing eyes, and also an enchanting grin. Together with that, she showcases a stunning human body figure, for which she bring away adequate treatment of herself.

Brittney Atwood net Worth


Atwood has actually been accompanying she in she husband’s blogs for a lengthy time now. Your channel has crossed end 15 million subscribers. Consequently, they knife a huge sum of money with YouTube revenue.

Therefore, the network worth of Brittney Atwood alongside her husband is a lining $12 million together of 2021.

Net Worth$12 million
Estimated Salary$500 thousand per month
Annual Earnings$6 million
Last Updated2021

Family and also Early Life

Atwood to be born in Ohio ~ above the 16th of February. She went by she maiden name Brittney Smith. Brittney and her sister, Veronica, flourished up in Ohio. However, her parents gained divorced when they to be still young. Nevertheless, Brittney is close to both of her parents.

Along v that, she likewise shares a great relationship with her Stepmother.during she high institution years, Brittney went v a stormy patch an adopted a gothic layout of living. After high school, she join a dental clinic together an assistant.

Brittney also had a stepbrother, that recently died in 2019. Atwood was heartbroken and shared the news on her Instagram handle.

Vlogging Career

Brittney lived a life without fame before she met her husband, roman inn Atwood. After ~ the couple started dating, Brittney commended she journey into the world of YouTube.

Firstly, she started making appearances in his vlogs which got instantly popular, and the audience loved her.

Later, She additionally started make her own vlogs titled, Brittney vlogs. Along with that, Brittney also manages your merchandise, smile more.

Husband and also Kids

Unfortunately, Brittney is not single. She very first met she husband, roman Atwood, at a hospital, wherein her sister was transferring a baby. The pair quickly hit off and also began dating. Roman inn was divorce at the time and also had a named Noah. Nevertheless, the pair fell in love and moved additional with your life. The relationship was further strengthened through the birth of their very first child, Kane Atwood, there is no wedlock.

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Brittney is likewise the mommy of Noah, the child of roman inn from his ahead marriage. She loves both the guys equally. In 2017, they invited their little angel, Cora Atwood, come the family.

Eventually, ~ a year, the pair said your vows and also got married at Maui, a Hawaiian island. No they a power couple?

Brittney Atwood v husband roman inn Atwood and children Noah, Kane and Cora

Factual Info

Brittney cherishes fishing trips with her father.She is one Instagram star with 2.1 million followers.Atwood recently gained breast implants.She doesn’t have a Wikipedia web page yet.

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