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Just a couple of of the numerous clients that have actually used Bryan’s voice.

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The voice you’ve heard before!

Hire voice over artist? sound so weird. Most civilization don’t think around what goes right into hiring a voice actor. Some people think that what you’re listening in those advertising is just a computer system voice. That’s definitely not the case. Bryan Saint is a nationwide voice actor, with his voice being offered for hundreds of TV, radio and also internet commercials.

His voice deserve to be heard nationally and also even globally on networks such as FOX, Animal Planet and also CNBC! current clients include Dell, Paramount, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Playstation, SnickersBMW, Samuel Adams, Universal Studios and PGA. Girlfriend can also hear Bryan as the voice that Zordon ~ above the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tradition Communicator toy, and also as the voice that the famous bear, Ted, top top the iPhone and also Android app Talking Ted. He likewise did live voice overs on the hit, primetime present Penn & Teller: fool Us and also most recently detailed the voice the the famous magic act, Klek Entos, on America’s gained Talent!

Hire voice end artist Bryan Saint and also have him be the voice of your commercial!

Elections are approaching and also your project needs a voice over artist!

If you’re looking to hire a voice over artist because that this upcoming election season, right now is the possibility to book Bryan Saint. Each election season, that is booked solid voicing political ads. If you want his voice to be the voice for her political ad campaign, lock that in currently as he only has actually a limited number of available sessions and also they will certainly fill up! asking us about bulk rates for many ads.

How go booking a voice end work?

– phone call us about your job (length/usage)

– We’ll gain you specific quote quickly

– submit a manuscript by email for review

– publication a live session or permit Bryan document on his own

– get audio in 24 hrs or much less for most projects

Remember that once you rental a voice over artist, speed is mostly determined by how easily they have access to a studio. Bryan Saint has actually his very own in-home, professional studio. While most projects room guaranteed in 24 hours or less, Bryan generally can turnaround tasks in simply a few hours native the initial contact! Email Shelly Murphy for much more info!

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To have Bryan it is in the voice end of your commercial, visit the contact page.Or contact Shelly Murphy in ~