Gwen Stacy: Bryce Dallas Howard's Spider-Man 3 Role, defined Spider-Man 3 had a unique version that Gwen Stacy, play by Bryce Dallas Howard. It"s unlike the comics before it and also the movie versions since.


Gwen Stacy to be a vital character from the comic book source material, attaining a legendary status in the Spider-Man mythos. Gwen was presented shortly after Peter Parker began attending college and eventually became the love that his life and also an integral member the his supporting cast. Perhaps an ext famous 보다 anything in the character"s life, however, to be her fatality at the hand of the eco-friendly Goblin.

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The death of Gwen Stacy became a seminal Spidey story, which provides the type the character takes in Spider-Man 3 all the much more puzzling. Far from one half of a head-over-heels romance tragically win down before it totally flowered, this variation of Gwen mostly serves only to check Peter"s partnership with MJ. In ~ no allude is there also a real dilemma, as Peter just flirts v Gwen to make MJ jealous.

Spider-Man 3


Spider-Man 3 was currently overstuffed v villains and also plot points, therefore it"s feasible Gwen Stacy was yet another ingredient thrown right into the pot by one of the excessive variety of cooks in the kitchen. Looking back on the film, that"s a shame due to the fact that Gwen has only gotten much more popular since.

Far from simply being well known as Spidey"s Dead Girlfriend, Gwen came into her very own as a character as soon as the comics introduced Spider-Gwen (since rebranded as Ghost Spider). Spider-Gwen hails native an alternate reality where Gwen Stacy arisen spider powers instead of Peter Parker, and she quickly proved to be such a feminist fan favorite that she"s stuck around on the walls ever since.

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Most recently, Spider-Gwen rocked out in Into the Spider-verse, reinvigorating the character on the big screen because that the very first time due to the fact that Emma stone rehashed her death in The exceptional Spider-Man 2. If the Amazing franchise to be truer to the comics and also Into the Spider-verse had the best version of the character, there"s no doubt that Spider-Man 3"s Gwen Stacy to be the absolute weirdest.