Reality star Deshayla Harris passed away on Friday in a Virginia coast shooting, the Virginia coast Police Department evidenced today. TheBad girl Club alum to be 29.

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Harris was among two people who happen away, in the consequences of three separate shootings top top the night of in march 26. The various other victim to be 25-year-old Donovan Lynch. While this shootings show up unrelated, lock all happened within a comparable time frame.

As a bystander at the scene of the 2nd shooting, Harris unwittingly uncovered herself in the crosshairs and was hit by a stray bullet, dice at the scene.

VBPD releases second update to overnight shootings.
VBPD) march 27, 2021

At present, it has actually not been evidenced who to be responsible for the deaths that Harris and also Lynch. However three individuals have been arrested and charged for your involvement in the very first shooting on the night of the 26th, consisting of 22-year-old Ahmon Jahree Adams, 18-year-old Nyquez Tyvon Baker and 20-year-old Devon Maurice Dorse Jr.The charges incorporate seven founts of felonious assault, use of a firearm in the supervisory board of a felony and reckless taking care of of a firearm.

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With amplified police presence and also traffic circulation mitigation continuing in the will Area wherein the shootings take it place, the investigation right into the deaths in Virginia beach continues.

A indigenous of Norfolk, Virginia, Harris is finest known for she 2017 figure in Season 17 of Bad girl Club. Produced by Bunim-Murray Productions, the Oxygen Channel reality collection brought teams of rebellious women with each other for a three-month continue to be in a mansion, scrutinizing their behavior amongst their new peers, and also seeing if their previous track documents of negative behavior could be boosted upon.

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Nicknamed the “Firecracker Fashionista,” Harris has actually been remembered today by a number of her castmates ~ above the show, including Keyaira “Key” Hamilton. “You didn’t worthy this man,” said Hamilton ~ above Instagram. “Rest basic Babygirl…watch end me.”




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