Catch increase on the Season 6 premiere of call the Midwife. Warning: spoilers ahead.

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Bring ~ above the tea and also extra servings the cake because the midwives of Nonnatus home are back! Oh exactly how we have missed the witty ramblings of Sister Monica Joan and the hustle and bustle the Poplar, London. No have to fret, though. Season 6 is here and also packed with an ext heartwarming — and tear jerking — story and, that course, lover babies.

When Season 5 concluded, the midwives had actually experienced a roller coaster of events, experimentation their ability to get over the obstacles in both their experienced and personal lives. Together Dr. Turner dealt with a hospital crisis related come an overwhelming number of infant deformities caused by thalidomide, Trixie struggled through Barbara and also Tom’s courtship, while likewise coping with a long history with alcoholism. Sister mar Cynthia was subject to a vicious attack after one of her calls, and also Sister Evangelina, among the house originals, happen away.

Later, we observed the midwives together they travel to the east Cape of southern Africa to provide aid come an understaffed mission hospital. On peak of whatever they had endured both in ~ home and also abroad, they conserved the collapsing hospital, forging ahead to prove that with each other they can stay strong in the challenge of adversity. Here’s where they are now:

1. Introducing Sister Ursula


As usual, things never slow under at Nonnatus House. So much so that the ladies barely have actually time to set down their suitcases prior to being greeted by an unfamiliar face and also a new means of living. Cue sister Ursula, a newcomer come the house who thrives off strict rules and also doesn’t psychic rocking the boat prior to the women can also get over your jet lag. After ~ a call from the mom House, the midwives discover that, no any brand-new addition, sister Ursula will certainly be acquisition over sister Julienne’s position while sisters Julienne is steeling to an daily member that staff. An initial impressions, eh?

2. Poplar’s brand-new Villain


Meanwhile, as the midwives concerned terms through this adjust in leadership, we’re presented to our first expectant mother of the season, Trudy. Exterior a jail in Poplar — red flag number one — she reunites through her recently released husband, Lester, that is means too excited around winning a trophy for boxing in jail. Red flag number two. Despite at first glance the two show up to be lovebirds, Lester is fast to reveal his dark side behind closeup of the door doors, and also we watch the emotional and also physical enduring Trudy experiences from spousal abuse. V zero assistance from her mother, Trudy find companionship in Nurse Crane as problems worsen.

3. Cheers come Babs -- and Cocktails


Recently involved to Tom (surprise!), that proposed to she in southern Africa, Barbara decides to join Patsy and also Delia in the human being of martini glasses and also adult drinks. No much more bitter lemon because that this girl! after ~ all, “vicars’ wives drink fairly a the majority of sherry.”

4. T-R-O-U-B-L-E


Attempting to hold on to his title for Worst dad of the Year, a volatile Lester takes his kid Mickey to a boxing ring while an unknowing Trudy rests at home. Having expressed she disapproval for Mickey’s joining in the sport the moment Lester to be released native jail, Trudy is shocked when she discovers the Lester, no a midwife, has pulled Mickey out of college to fight a boy twice his size. Once the police space unable to gain involved, Trudy is left to challenge an currently angered and abusive husband at residence all when trying to safeguard Mickey.

5. The strength Behind a mom Love


After Trudy attempts to take a stand versus Lester and also alerts the police that his actions, things easily escalate in your household. Lester physically attacks Trudy and also locks her right into their bedroom, leaving his now-injured and pregnant wife alone. It’s not long before Trudy begins to get in labor and also must work with Mickey, who sadly was witness come the altercation, come escape. Together mother setting sets in, Trudy forces her method out and also makes the trip to Nonnatus residence just with time to deliver her infant girl.

6. The problem with Love


While being often tended to at Nonnatus House, Trudy opens up up to Nurse Crane about her desires of “weddings and white dresses” once she was a young girl. Clearly discouraged by the day’s rough events, she seems to suggest that she has offered up on the desires she once cherished and also the principle of “true love.” yet a wise Nurse Crane reminds her the love — motherly love — to be responsible because that her toughness in leaving Lester and also securing help for her children.

7. Sister mar Cynthia opens up Up about Her Attack


After a brutal assault in Season 5, Sister mar Cynthia battles with anxiety, which concerns light ~ she’s caught in the middle of a conflict between Lester and also Trudy. Struggling v the trauma, she make the efforts to confront her demons alone, but it’s no long prior to Sister Monica Joan and Sister Julienne step in to assistance her.

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8. Shelagh’s Expecting!


On the other side the town, Barbara, that is unconcerned through conventional proposal rules and also flashy jewelry, buys an engagement ring with her own money. She reveals the ring to Tom together “their” ring as soon as he exclaims, “That’s no the way it’s supposed to be,” since gender functions were tho a thing back then. Though initially taken aback, Tom ultimately approves of Barbara’s progressivism. (Let’s be actual though: he is probably simply stoked about saving his money.)

11. Shelagh’s (Real) Reveal


Ending ~ above a high note, Shelagh lastly reveals her infant news come Dr. Turner with very detailed and also surprisingly accurate illustration of one infant. Dr. Turner is both stunned and thrilled over the interesting news the the pair never ever thought they would certainly hear. Congrats come the Turners!

Stream episode 1 now and also don’t forget to record Episode 2 following Sunday at 8/7c. Read an ext gif recaps here.