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Can girlfriend Escape The 50 Rooms is easily one that the most well-known escaping game for cell phone platforms. The is not surprising, as while the most games and escape rooms have tendency to emphasis on a solitary theme, this adventure literally offers you fifty entirely different locked rooms come solve.

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In this series of escape games, 40 level no the most common to be brought up, as no so many human being even acquire so far. Yet those that did acquire to the 40th room it seems to be ~ to have actually troubles v the riddles, for this reason we’ll leaving a quick walkthrough for it here. Unmarked spoilers ahead, so breakthrough with caution!


How come Escape The Room 40

This time, you show up to it is in locked in one Indian-themed chamber the looks prefer some kind of temple. Look around: you can automatically see the statue, the music instruments, shelves through some bottles on them, pictures on the walls and also a quick locker.

Look at the mandolins first. Yes a spicy object stuck under the strings, take it it along. Now go to the heavy metal bells come the left and take a little hammer. Go to the statue and also take a gold chain: the in the left hand. Move to the locker. For now we can’t open it, yet there’s a manage for us to pick. Integrate it through the spicy object you got earlier, and now you have quite a beneficial tool!

Switch to the shrine with the tiny statue. Yes sir a beautiful mosaic top top the wall, with gold locket in the center. Acquire it out through the device you’ve created, and also then incorporate with the chain. The artifact is complete! put it top top the big statue to get a blessing. Remember the order of the gold symbols: they’re different for each playthrough. If you’ve forgotten the order, don’t scare or look for a means to cheat: just click on the frosting again.

Now return to the locker. The still won’t budge, but now you might want to take it a close watch on the password lock. It has actually 4 entries, as with the blessing had 4 symbols. Recreate the sequence and also take a key. If you’re in ~ it, examine the photos hanging on the wall where the locker stands. Among them is moveable, under the structure hides an additional key.

Go to the farthest set of bells (they’re near the door). Look over and hear a bird singing. Now you must repeat the melody by hitting the appropriate bells in the ideal order. It can take some time come practice, but eventually you will do it do whatever right, and the bird will come down. It has the final key that we require in its beak.

When you have all the three keys, look in ~ the door. There is a puzzle sequence that calls for you to relocate the pieces in stimulate to open all the keyholes. Only as soon as all the holes are open simultaneously, you have the right to insert the keys and pass through. Congratulations! 40 rooms escape wasn’t so challenging after all! If girlfriend have currently passed every 40 rooms, then we room waiting because that you in search Factor.

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