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Alison Doyle is one of the country foremost job experts and also has counseled both students and also corporations on hiring practices. She has given hundreds of interviews top top the topic because that outlets including The brand-new York Times, BBC News, and LinkedIn. Alison established and also has to be an experienced in the ar for more than 20 years.

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You have actually just began a brand-new job. Yet, you have actually a sinking emotion that maybe you make a mistake. What have the right to you do as soon as you"ve quit your joband began a new position, onlyto uncover that the brand-new job isn"t what you expected? What room your options when you are currently regretting leaving her old job, and you really wish girlfriend hadn"t? Is there a method you can gain rehired after quitting your oldjob?

Can girlfriend ask your employer if you can return come the place you left? What"s the best method toask for your old job back?Or have to you pursue other opportunities?

What to Do as soon as a brand-new Job Doesn't work-related Out

Hopefully, you left her old employee on a positive note. Because you don"t understand what can happen when you start a new job, it makes great sense toleave a job on the ideal terms possible.

Even if friend diligently inspect out the company, her future manager, and your co-workers as ideal you can, the job could not be just how you"d imagined it and also working for the company might no be what girlfriend expected.

It happens, but before you questioning for your old job back, be really sure the you desire it. Even if you might go back, you could not be able to. It"s additionally important come think around why you made decision to leave yourold employer. If nothing has changed, other thanyou not liking your new job, it might be much better to proceed your project search for a place that"s a better fit.

must You Ask for Your job Back?

Does that make sense to ask because that your project back? Youresigned for a reason. Is the truth that the brand-new job isn"t working out a good enough factor to return to a instance that you have recently left? Or, does that make sense to look because that another brand-new job and also move on?

Think seriously around what friend would need to lose—or gain—if you quit the brand-new job and started over. Or, consider staying in ~ the brand-new position while closely (and confidentially) restarting your project search.

If she stressed also thinking around going come work, and you can"t view any choices for transforming the dynamic at your brand-new workplace, it might be time come move back or relocate on come something else.

There might be a way you can discreetly discuss the instance with your new manager. After ~ all, the firm may it is in having 2nd thoughts as well. If friend do, nothing mentionhow lot you hate your job. Instead,review thepossibleoptions for what to carry out nextbefore you begin a conversation or make any decisions.

Make a perform of why girlfriend left and also then create another list of what the benefits would be if you went back.If the advantages outweigh the cons, think about asking for her old job back or for a new position v your previous employer.

If you were an employee who was hosted in high regard, your previous employer may be glad to take into consideration rehiring you.

will certainly the company Rehire You?

Don"t presume the the firm will hire you earlier though, also if they thoughtyouweregreatatyourjob. Your position may have already been filled. Even if it"s not, they can prefer to start over with someone else. There will certainly be questions about your commitment to the agency and even if it is you"ll quit again the following time you geta project offer.

If the agency is ready to think about rehiring you, you will probably need to sell you yourself to the agency and convincethem the itwould a great idea come rehire you.

Be prepared to describe why you left, what didn"t occupational out in ~ the brand-new company, and also why you want to come back. Also, be ready to show the company why that wouldbe useful for them come rehire you, and also how you will present your appointment to remaining this time around.

The Best method to questioning for your Job earlier

Here aresome tips you deserve to use come makeiteasier to obtain your old job back:

Resign Gracefully

Before you leave, do every little thing you have the right to to certain youresign on good terms. Here"s advice onhow to resign from a job. Leaving on the finest terms possible will aid you save a foot in the door of the agency and increase your possibilities of gaining rehired. If you didn"t leave on the best of terms, it can be complicated to acquire rehired. You can reach out to your previous manager to try and smooth points over.

Stay associated with partner

Keep in touch v your former colleagues. Affix with castle on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Send a LinkedIn blog post or an email once in a when to examine on just how they room doing. Have actually coffee and lunch on occasion. The much more connected girlfriend are, the easier it will certainly be to go back. The stronger your personal connections, the much more likely you space to be taken back.

Stay linked with the firm

In addition to maintaining in touch with your previous colleagues, stay linked with the company. If the agency has aLinkedIn Group,join it or monitor the company"s LinkedIn page. You could likewise "like" the agency Facebook page and also follow the agency on Twitter. If your former employer runs acorporate alumni network, join it. The more engaged girlfriend stay, the far better your possibilities of returning.

do a Decision

Don"t do a hasty decision. Think it over carefully, and also make certain you trulywant to go back. Don"t questioning to it is in rehired just because it"s the route of least resistanceand it"s simpler to asking for her job back than the is to start your project search over.

Be sure it"s the right move from both a career and a personal perspective. While you’re deciding what to do,don’t forget the you quit for a reason.

ask for her Job Back

If you decision you carry out want to go backtoworking for your previous employer, you deserve to request an in-person meeting or send a letter or email blog post asking because that your task back. Here"s asample letter to ask for your project backand a template that girlfriend can edit to to the right your an individual circumstances.

What Else can You Do?

Check ~ above otherjobs at the company. If her job has been filled, inquire around other openings you might be standard for. Providers are most likely to consider rehiring ex-employees who have done a good job because that them in the past. There may also be a place that"s a much better fit than the job you left.

Be all set to describe

Be ready to price questions—lots of questions. Prepare answers to questions about why friend quit, why you desire your job back, and also why the company should rehire you. You"ll have to be convincing and also sellyourselfto the agency astowhytheyshouldgive girlfriend a 2nd chance.

have a Back-Up arrangement

Going earlier to your previous position might not it is in an option. Have actually a backup plan in place and also be prepared to begin a new job search. Right here are advice on what come do when anew project doesn"t job-related out. Also though it"s daunting to it is in told "no," it may be better, in the long run, to think about other options and save yourcareer pathmoving forward rather of backward.

The Next procedures

If you obtain a positive response from your former employer, the following step is to resign from your project as gracefully as possible. It can be uncomfortable, butquitting a job you simply startedmay it is in the ideal option because that the employer and also yourself.

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Butwhat must you do if your old employee doesn’t desire you back? Startdiscreetly searching for a new position, line up some references who canattest to her qualifications, and also consider this as a bump in your career—not a major incident. It happens much more often than you may think. Ultimately, if the project isn’t the best fit, it wouldbe best for everyone, specifically you, if you relocated on.