CD Projekt RED"s third Witcher combines the series" non-linear storytelling through a sprawling open human being that concludes the saga of Geralt the Rivia.

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I want to pat this one due to the fact that I to be in a location in my life where I think I will have some time. The thing is, I never ever played the very first two. Carry out I need to? Or is there an easy way to record up ~ above the lore?

Thanks Duders.


If you"re the interested, check out the wiki for a bit. Namely the entries ~ above Geralt, Ciri and also The Wild Hunt.

The Witcher 2 is a really good game though, worth play through.


From what I"ve gathered, the books are actually an ext important lore wise 보다 the games. Basically the crux that this game"s story revolve around characters that have only remained in the books. If you"ve acquired the time and also the way I recommend them, they"re precious reading. The first two publications are usually a repertoire of brief stories, so they"re pretty easy to jump into with minimal commitment. (Unlike the later books, i beg your pardon are component of am ongoing saga.)


I gambling it"ll be like many other video game series: you might miss part callbacks and also references, however the main point story will likely be exciting regardless of your prior knowledge. Because this is a rather huge release on consoles, I could see lock spending a bit an ext time recapping the crucial bits.


CDPR have specifically claimed they want this to it is in newcomer friendly. Besides, the various other two gamings are nice independent of each other, this one most likely is too.

The Witcher 2 isn"t a long game as far as RPG"s go, if you"re really worried you might play it.

Characters carry over but they room pretty good standalone story that don"t require the other games. Also, they space both vastly different games in regards to gameplay. I choose 2 with its combat yet 1 still has a an excellent writing and also characters (plus ns really dug the many stance stuff in the combat). 3 will most likely be a good entry allude for the collection either method you slice it if you desire to jump into it there.

You should be able to jump into the witcher 3 without knowing or playing with the various other games. It would help, that course, however they room trying to make these games which can be played by people new to the series.

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That stated if you want to walk in with some sembleance of understanding, over there exist a couple of resources digital to carry out so. If you favor reading, climate wikis room your best bet. If you"d fairly watch a video clip though? there is about a 30ish minute 2 part series ~ above youtube by entitled "The Witcher retreat - component 1" or component 2. (Still uncertain if I have the right to leave web links in this forums so that"s the ideal I"ve got)

If you"ve the time/interest those space quite good at recapping everything. Gift so castle are, the course, 100% spoilers, covering pretty lot every major plot point feasible (yes, also the different choices). I understand I used it together a an excellent "refresh my memory for what happen". If you really would rather not play, yet want to know what take place in the critical games, that"s the finest done/produced thing I uncovered when seeking out a similar thing myself.