If she a prolific YouTube user, you could want to take an perform of the comments did you do it posted end time. Perhaps you want to delete some and edit others. This article isn’t about comments posted to her channel through others yet comments that you posted throughout YouTube.

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So, how have the right to you do this?

To display you how to watch your YouTube comment background and offer you advice on editing or deleting details comments, keep reading.

Why would certainly You desire to view Your previous YouTube Comments?

If girlfriend consume a most YouTube content, you’ve most likely posted hundreds or even thousands of comment on assorted channels. You can want to:

Delete comments the you think are no longer relevant in irradiate of current developments.Delete comments the you deem offensive, rude, or disrespectful toward other users.Edit typos on comments that you created down in a hurry or ~ above a phone.Edit a comment to incorporate new, much more relevant information.Retrieve a comment so the you deserve to share it v others external of YouTube.

In any of this cases, it’s basic to find your comments and edit or delete them as you see fit.

View/Edit/Delete YouTube Comment history in a web browser on pc (Windows, Linux, macOS)

Open your liked browser, head come YouTube, then sign in to her Google/YouTube account by entering your login credentials.From the dropdown menu, pick “History.”All comments get displayed in chronological order. Your many recent comments appear first. Come delete a comment, click the “X” in the much right section of the listing.
The specified attach in “Step 6” above opens the video’s web page with your comments at the top, labeled as “Highlighted comment.”
Select “Edit” come make changes to her comment.

View/Edit/Delete your YouTube Comment history on iOS

If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you can easily track and also manage your YouTube comments using a browser. The iOS YouTube app does not market a comments monitoring feature. Here’s just how to execute it.

On the optimal left corner, click the “hamburger icon” (three horizontal lines) come launch the YouTube alternatives menu.
In the “MANAGE every HISTORY” section, select “Comments.” You’ll view a perform of all the comments you’ve posted, beginning with the many recent one. Because that older comments, scroll under the list. Click a comment to open up the video clip associated with it.
To modify a comment, click the “Commented on…” link, no the video clip image. This connect loads the page with your discuss top, labeled as “Highlighted comment.”Click top top the “hamburger icon” (three parallel lines) in the top-left corner.Click ~ above “Comments” in the bottom-right corner of her screen. You need to see a perform of every the comments did you do it posted, i ordered it in chronological order.To delete a comment, tap top top the “X” next to the provided video in her comments list. Friend can likewise delete the comment within the modify steps below (“Steps 6 and also 7”).To modify a comment, click the “Commented on…” link, which opens up the video’s page with her comment in ~ the top, discovered as a “Highlighted comment.” clicking the video clip link renders you need to search for her comment.On the video’s page, insanity the “vertical ellipsis” (three upright dots) ~ above the appropriate side, next to your comment. Choose “Edit” from the options.Make the needed alters to your comment, climate tap “Save.”

In closing, YouTube developers have ensured the you deserve to dig v years of comment in a issue of seconds. This attribute is referred to as “History,” where you can select to check out your past comments along with viewed videos. The way, you have the right to follow v on past discussions or edit your comments together you like. The just drawback is the you can not manage—or also view a perform of—your comments using the YouTube app. Possibly that alternative will arrive in the future.

View/Delete/Edit YouTube comments FAQs

Can I bulk delete my YouTube comments?

Sadly, YouTube walk not carry out an choice to delete comments in bulk. If you desire to wipe your whole comment history clean, you will have to do for this reason one at a time.

Can I turn off comment on YouTube?

You have the right to turn turn off comments if you have actually your own YouTube channel. Otherwise, there is no option.

How carry out I search My YouTube history?

When you acquire to the “History” section of your YouTube account, use the search box at the peak to find the watched video you’re looking for, or usage it to find viewed videos pertained to a certain topic.

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Can ns delete mine YouTube comments on the YouTube app?

Unfortunately, you can not delete her comments on the YouTube app. You need to sign in to her account via a browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox.