Surround sound can make it feel prefer you’re part of what’s keep going on the screen, making watching movies and also videos a more immersive experience.

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You deserve to have the traditional surround sound system with its many speakers, or you have the right to buy a soundbar that allows you to get the very same immersive audio without having actually to deal with a the majority of devices. But can you use a soundbar through your currently surround sound system?

You can affix a soundbar come a surround sound system and you have the right to treat it together a consistent speaker. Yet just due to the fact that you have the right to doesn’t mean that you need to do it, as making use of a soundbar may degrade the audio quality and also muddy up some facets of the sound.


If her receiver has actually a pre-out, you can connect your soundbar come the pre-outs making use of an RCA cable. Her receiver will have an RCA port, while her soundbar will either have actually an AUX jack or one RCA port, relying on the design you have.

If her receiver doesn’t have actually pre-outs, you have the right to buy something favor the PAC LP3-2 L.O.C. PRO series 2-Channel Line calculation Converter (Amazon) so the you have the right to use the speak connectors come hook up your soundbar.

You can also connect an energetic soundbar using an optical cable. You can do this if you desire to use the soundbar as your entertainment system’s main speaker.

Here’s a video clip on how to carry out that:


Power off your receiver before you plug in any an equipment to prevent short-circuiting and other potential damages. Attach the optical cable to the receiver’s out port and then insert the other finish to the soundbar optical in.

After connecting your tv to the receiver, revolve the switch on. Adjust the receiver’s settings to collection the audio come the soundbar and also make sure your TV is the audio resource for her receiver.

You can additionally use an HDMI cable if your AV recipient doesn’t encompass an optical out. This is feasible if the television, soundbar, and receiver support audio return channel protocol or ARC.

Connecting a Passive Soundbar to your Receiver

Unlike active soundbars, a passive soundbar doesn’t have actually an amplifier or receiver. Passive soundbars need to be plugged into your recipient to obtain the power it demands to process the sound signals and also amplify it.

Passive soundbars can house number of speakers, yet you usually have a three-channel passive soundbar because that the left, center, and right. Yet you can discover soundbars with more than speakers.

When you address a passive soundbar favor the Mythos XTR-SSA5 (see it on Amazon), the left, center, and also right channels are live independence of each other. You deserve to think of it as having three various speakers in one cabinet.

You can affix the leader of your soundbar to your receiver utilizing the speaker cables provided. In this case, you will be connecting 3 pairs of cables that will correspond to the left, right, and center channels.

There are also passive soundbars that have a single channel. Girlfriend can connect these soundbars to her receiver using the center channel speak connector.

Why Passive Soundbars make Sense

Passive soundbars space designed to affix to her AV receiver, making the entire procedure a lot simpler than the one you go v connecting an active soundbar to her surround sound system.

What’s more, girlfriend don’t endure from the monster sound quality that active soundbars provide you when you include it to your surround sound system. Passive soundbars only simplify your collection up by reduce the variety of devices friend hook approximately your receiver.

The final Word

While girlfriend technically have the right to connect any type of soundbar to your receiver and also make it component of your surround sound system, it renders very small sense to do so unless you’re making use of a passive soundbar.

For active soundbars, not only are these very facility to collection up, you room bound to have actually sound quality concerns with it. It’s much far better to invest in a good soundbar such together the Sony HT-X8500 Soundbar (Amazon) v its Dolby Atmos compatibility, attractive price tag, and also excellent sound quality.

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What’s more, you’re probably better off getting standard speaker for her surround sound system. Lock are easier to collection up and also are much more affordable 보다 soundbars.