Her flashy laugh was everywhere the MTV VMA’s carpet last weekend as one of the pre-show performers and also if friend haven’t previously complied with Cardi B, friend could’ve never ever guessed those pearly whites are brand new! The star that Love & i know well Hop: new York Season 6 went to dentist Dr. Catrise Austin for a new set the chompers in fall 2016 and now civilization are curious around what her this look prefer in before-and-after comparisons.

The 24-year-old rapper to be the breakout star of LHHNY yet her boisterous personality and capacity to carry out comic relief no shield she from some of the dislike she acquired for her appearance. Numerous viewers of the collection took to social media come bully Cardi, regularly over her snaggletooth.

“If friend don’t feeling comfortable, if you are tired of world talking around you, then go and also fix it,” Cardi B revealed in a YouTube video clip posted to The Smilist Dental’s account. “Like, that alright to deal with it.”

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