"Mob Wives" stars Karen Gravano and also Renee Graziano have famous fathers, with Karen"s dad, Sammy Bull, admittedly thefts the limelight from all the men recognized on the show yet who carry out notappearin the show, and also not because they"re imprisoned, either.Though in actuality, Renee"s dad is most likely the only true powerful Mafioso. Anthony "The tiny Guy" Graziano is the existing (though incarcerated) consigliere that the Bonnano family, which has been riven by a long line the informants; the defection the its one-time legendary boss, Joe Massino; and also the back-to-back trials of former boss beanie "Gorgeous" Basciano, that could"ve acquired the death penalty however got life behind bars instead.Then there is the surprise: We simply learned Carla"s dad is a well known mobster who when ran one of brand-new York"s 5 families and is currently serving life in prison. Carla"s dad -- keep analysis to uncover out who he is --is no longer boss, and also Graziano supposedly "retains" his stripes.

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In 2002 Graziano to be indicted on countless charges (in numerous states), such as racketeering, illegal gambling, bookmaking and murder. In 2003 he answered to the the miscellaneous charges and has to be sentenced to approximately twenty years (split in between 2 various states) in prison. "At the existing time the Graziano patron has actually allegedly fallen ill to diabetes and cancer. His lawyer has actually requested leniency, and his projected release day is in the summer that 2012," according to Cinderella"s Glass Closet blog (Yeah, us don"t get WTF the blog"s name method and why that is writing about "Mob Wives.")(Also, it should be noted, as it was formerly on this blog, that Renee"s sister is the producer, and also their father is no speaking v either the them due to the fact that of the show.)
Karen"s husband or ex or fiancee or boyfriend or whatever he is, is out in Arizona, much away native the mob. Renee"s ex-husband, Junior, an combine or a member, was part of the highly publicized January bust in i m sorry 127 arrests were made relating come racketeering, murder, illegal gambling, extortion, and narcotics trafficking.
That pipeline Carla Facciolo and also Drita D"avanzo, both that whom have husbands energetic in the mob, despite they are far from household names (the husbands, the is, i think the wives might be closeup of the door in on that kind of notoriety many thanks to this show"s how amazing -- come this reporter, still -- success.
So let"s take it a look at the two husbands about which we know small aside native the condition of their marital relationships -- Carla"s was finished when the series began; Drita"s, it seems, will certainly be in the procedure of finishing at the begin of the 2nd season.

Carla"s father is Louie "Bagels"
Daidone, a previous boss of the
Lucheses, currently serving life.
First the all, right here is something us did no know: Carla"s father is alleged mobster, luigi "Louie Bagels" Daidone, former boss of the Luchese family. Daidone had a reputation for being a strict enforcer and received plenty of promotions under Gaspipe Casso. Daidone owned a bagel shop, and also conducted his activities there -- hence, the nickname. Daidone and also associates are recognized for supposedly robbing a cool million heisting an armored truck.Hope he appreciated his cut; the life is over because that him. Daidone will certainly be in aPennsylvaniaprison till he breathes his last. Unless they move him somewhere else, that is."Carla likes come dismiss she soon-to-be-ex-husband’s criminal activity as miscellaneous minor," reports a write-up titled "Joseph Ferragamo, Carla’s Husband"on M.O.B. Wives, a blog around the show.

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"She doesn’t consider stock fraud a crime," the short article continues. "I don’t know exactly how she have the right to say that through a directly face. By the moment the present aired top top VH1, Joey had currently spent several years in jail. The facts of his cheat stock methods were fine known, documented and also presented in court and also to the Security and Exchange Commission. What bothers me is that she may be living on money that has actually been allegedly stolen from many senior citizens and also other people, chaste vicitms, who placed their trust and life savings into the hands of your stock broker, Joseph Ferragamo."
According to M.O.B. Wives, from 1997 to 2001, Ferragamo operated for six various securities firms -- boiler-room form deals, all of them.According come the us Security and Exchange the supervisory board documents, a default judgment was made versus Ferragamo, together with other brokers that LH Ross & Co, for allegedly violating federal protection laws. Investors reportedly lost $26 million dollars in a huge broker bribery scheme involving nine publicly companies. Brokers allegedly received kickbacks based upon sales. Ferragamo was taken into consideration a “big producer” and therefore reportedly obtained 25% in kickbacks from the stocks his clients purchased. Ferragamo’s client allegedly purchased more than 67,550 share of stock for $606,000. The reportedly never ever told customers the he was receiving 25% native the revenue proceeds.Read the rest of his criminal background onM.O.B. Wives.Ultimately, in 2004, Ferragamo pleaded guilty come one count of money laundering in the third degree and also admitted come withdrawing $556,000 native a international account. He probably did between a nickle and a dime, but we haven"t been able to discover out the size of his sentence.In a future post, it"s Drita"s hubby"s turn. Lee D"Avanzano must"ve to be crying into his jail sheets when his gorgeous mam burst his balloon after sending out him the calendar through those warm pix of her which we served up come you in a ahead post.