The popularity of the ABC’s dancing through the stars has coincided with the climb of Carrie Ann Inaba. Hated, loved, however never ignored, there is never ever a dull moment when the ravishing media personality is top top screen. She has amassed a complying with to rival any type of other.

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If you are a pan of Dancing with the stars, you have actually seen firsthand how charming she deserve to be. In this article, we will look at her personal life, her career path, Carrie Ann Inaba net worth, where she is from, she family and also many other facets of her life.

Carrie Ann Inaba network Worth.

Though her income are undisclosed, Carrie Ann Inaba is rumored to have actually a net worth the $9 million according to reports.


American Dancer, Carrie Ann Inaba net worth is $9 million

She draws most of her income from gift a judge on the dancing through the stars. The is good to keep in mind that in 2014, it to be reported the the judges top top dancing with the stars deserve $1.2 million every season. So we deserve to speculate the her salary falls within the same bracket.

Carrie is additionally a former actor and has deserve a far-ranging amount of revenue by featuring in numerous films.

Career info that gave Carrie Ann Inaba $9 Million network Worth.

The media personality Carrie Ann started her career as a musician and dancer, obtaining popularity in Japan. She went back to the united state as a backup dancer because that In life Color. She additionally found a location in Madonna’s entourage as a dancer for her Girlie Show human being Tour in 1993.

Carrie Ann Inaba then decided to undertaking into film. She specifically wanted to shot a hand at activity movies. To like for a potential duty in an action movie, she studied tae kwon perform with Billy Blanks, the inventor the Taebo. Few of the highlights that Carrie’s movie career include movies like Austin Powers and Showgirls. The star has likewise featured on numerous shows. They include The View, breaking the Magician’s Code and Hannah Montana, just to surname a few.

Carrie Ann Inaba additionally dipped her toe in choreography, functioning on the American Idol show and the renowned miss America Pageant for five years. She later moved on come the hit alphabet show, Dancing through the stars, wherein she is presently quiet a judge.

The celebrity judge Carrie Ann Inaba also launched a media manufacturing company, EnterMediArts. This detailed her through the platform to write, direct, and also produce various works because that television. Her firm is popularly known for collaborating with E! Behind The Scenes miss America Special and the 7th version of the Festival of the Pacific Arts. The company went top top to make a short film titled black Water, which was well received.

Carrie Ann Inaba married come a husband? Or still engaged?

Inaba is presently not married. The celebrity judge has however had a string of relationships. She was affiliated with Artem Chigvintsev, a Russian-American expert dancer native 2006 come 2008.


Carrie Ann Inaba through Artem Chigvintsev, indigenous 2006 come 2008

Her following reported romantic fling was with actor Jesse Sloan in 2009, and also that lasted because that well over three years. They damaged up in 2012.


Carrie Ann Inaba with Jesse Sloan native 2009 come 2012

Most recently, she was involved to American gibbs Robbie Warren Derringer. But the Carrie Ann Inaba and Jesse Sloan dubbed off their engagement in 2017.


Carrie Ann Inaba Height, Weight, Measurements.

Reality Star Carrie stands in ~ 5 ft 6 inches in height and also weighs roughly 55 kilos. Her waist size is 28 inches. She also has a hip dimension of 37 inches.

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Game present host, Carrie Ann Inaba height is 5 ft 6 inches

Carrie Ann Inaba Parents, Age, Wiki-Bio

Full nameCarrie Ann Inaba
Date that BirthJanuary 5, 1968
Place that BirthHonolulu, Hawaii, joined States
ProfessionActress, singer, dancer, choreographer, celebrity judge, game show host
Net worth$ 9 million
Former PartnersArtem Chigvintsev, Robbie Warren, Jesse Sloan
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight55 kgs
Zodiac SignCapricorn

 Carrie Ann Inaba to be born on the fifth of January, 1968 come Rodney Inaba and also Patty Inaba, in Honolulu Hawaii. She is the youngest of 2 children. Native a very early age, the prominence of society was instilled in Carrie by her parents. To this effect, she flourished up dance the Hula, a classic Hawaiian dance. This led she to go after a career in dance actively.

Did you understand that the celebrity judge is the Japanese, Chinese, and Irish ancestry?