Castle season 6, illustration 23 simply aired. Read our recap and discuss the last shocking moments.

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Castle opens up with Alexis make the efforts to assist keep Rick arranged with things for the wedding. Kate is talking v Ryan and also Esposito about being nervous to say her vows in former of everyone. Gateways chimes in, saying its ok to it is in nervous, also if she is marrying Rick.

Rick and Kate head to city room to acquire their wedding license and also things conveniently fall apart. Kate is in reality married. Kate married a guy named Rogan O’Leary, who she met at Stanford and married in vegas at a drive with chapel. In order because that Kate and also Rick to get married, she needs to finish her first marriage.

Kate enlists the help of Ryan and Esposito to uncover her husband for this reason she can acquire a divorce. Rogan is less than a mainly citizen, with arrests in number of states. Rick stays in the city to keep the wedding on monitor while Kate heads out to gain divorced.

Rogan is tending bar and also having trouble v the ladies once Kate finds him. The won’t authorize the documents until Kate walk something for him. She needs to break into his ex’s truck and also get a garage door opener therefore Rogan can get his points back. Kate is figured out to gain Rogan to sign the papers, but when she transforms up at his apartment, he is being kidnapped through someone.


It turns out that Rogan stumbled upon images of a mob hit male who evaded catch for decades. As they quickly shot to leave the barn, lock are caught at gunpoint. The three finish up tied come chairs. Rogan make the efforts to explain his thinking for blackmailing the pastor.

Barbosa, the struggle man, turns up and also insists on getting the photos. The is going come shoot Kate until Rick speaks up and also tells that the photos room at Rogan’s apartment. As soon as they arrive, the biker gang is waiting. Kate trades Barbosa for your freedom. Rogan ultimately signs the papers and also Rick provides him the money indigenous the pastor. In the end Rogan ends up with his ex and also Kate and Rick head to the Hamptons.

Kate ends up wearing she mother’s wedding dress. Martha and also Kate share a moment stating Rick. Martha gives her a pair the sapphire earrings that have actually been passed down with the ladies in she family. Rick calls Kate to tell her they are all collection and the he loves her. Cue uncomfortable feelings.

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Right after the phone call call, a black SUV is seen adhering to Rick and daunting him. The last scene is Kate gaining a phone call call and also running come the scene of an accident, which shows Rick’s automobile in flames.

3XK, anyone? were you surprised we didn’t actually gain to watch the wedding?