After you get to the turning back castle and get the Crissaegrim the game is not a difficulty at every anymore. Friend might as well get the finishing as quickly as friend touch these weapons. Having that in mind, which execute you think is the most broken weapon in the game in between the two? Personally, i think the the shield rod combined with the Alucard Shield.

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All mine years playing this game. The 100+ removes (easily) that ns have...

I had actually no idea you can do this. I mean, I've caused it and also done the "that to be neat" thing but never this. Great Lord. Currently I have some new shit come try. I will execute this throughout the back half this playthrough.

That gift said, i love my crissaegrim + rune knife combo. Run them both and you just shred every room. You have the right to use both in ~ the same time and also just mash both buttons.

Oh shield stick is far more powerful, at 255 damage per second. It absolutely makes the exploration aspect of the game an ext enjoyable, yet sometimes I prefer to unequip the to keep things interesting. Didn't have either my very first playthrough though, and also STILL controlled to kill Galamoth.... After dying a LOT

See, the Crissaegrim is literally nearly impossible to find unless girlfriend knew about it previously. Both the Shield Rod and also the Alucard Shield deserve to be found in one collection location. No to point out ones strength dwarfs the other entirely. So v that, I'm ~ above team Shield Rod and also Alucard Shield. I love this game, however goddamn what an oversight.

I got Crissaegrim randomly (before understanding it existed) through no + luck items top top my third clear. What are the odds, i wonder?

i discovered it top top my first playthough utilizing the lucky code. Do a suggest to acquire it every playthrough after.

the foe 'schmoo' to be forever ingrained right into my soul

I just saw a video clip on YouTube whereby the guy gained the masamune, then used emulation rate up and also an autofire controller to lug it up to 999 attack by killing merman. That maxed his time and also level obviously. The then had a montage of the one shotting practically all the bosses.

If you desire to totally break the game, carry out the fatality skip glitch to save Alucard’s equipment and then get the shield stick as quick as possible. You will do it be OP the totality play through.

the crissaegrim trivializes the whole game once you obtain it. The buff you obtain from the Shield pole doesn't matter if you just kill them quick enough prior to you also get to usage the rod.

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also you deserve to use the malbung to actors shield rod spells instead

I personally always refused to use either the Crissaegrim/Vorpal blade or Shield rod + Alucard shield combo. Feel too much like making use of a code and I find the game to be an ext enjoyable without them, yet to each your own.