The 60-second spot for the Weinstein Company"s lesbian love story functions images the Cate Blanchett"s Carol and also Rooney Mara"s Therese in bed together naked.

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ABC has actually rejected an ad for The Weinstein Company’s multi-Oscar nominee Carol due to the fact that the spot for the lesbian love story attributes images that Cate Blanchett and also Rooney Mara’s characters’ steamy love step in the film, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The network told TWC to “provide much more coverage top top both ladies in the scenes” in explaining the factor for that is rejection.

The 60-second spot attributes a couple of seconds the Blanchett’s Carol and Mara’s Therese getting intimate, consisting of shots of Carol undressing Therese and images that the two women kissing while naked in bed together.

The film, command by Todd Haynes, has been nominated for six Oscars, v Blanchett and also Mara landing finest actress and supporting actress nominations, respectively. The Oscars will air live on alphabet on Feb. 28.

The movie — one adaptation by Phyllis Nagy the Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Price the Salt — complies with a housewife (Blanchett’s Carol) and a department-store-clerk/aspiring photographer (Mara’s Therese) who begin an work in brand-new York in the ‘50s.


Just a couple of hours after the New York Post‘s web page Six reported that the advertisement was rejected because of its naked love scene, PR reps began promoting the clip come news outlets together a “Too hot for TV Spot,” stating the the network refused to air it unless the firm “provided an ext coverage on” the actresses.

TWC has previously promoted rejected ads for its films, consisting of a commercial spot because that Our you are fool Brother. Print ads for Kevin Smith’s Seth Rogen and also Elizabeth banks 2008starrer Zack and Miri make a Porno referenced the truth that the film’s initial artwork to be rejected by the MPAA, with message that accompanied illustrations of stick numbers reading “Seth Rogen and also Elizabeth banks made a movie so titillating that we can only show you these drawings.” Newspapers and TV stations additionally refused to bring some ads for the film, through others just referring to the movie together Zack and also Miri, NPR reportedat the time.

The Weinstein brothers’ former firm Miramax likewise had issues with networks and newspapers rejecting or requesting alterations to ads for movies prefer R-rated satire The Pope have to Die.

ABC declined to comment around the Carol ad. Clock the rejected point out below.

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Jan. 29, 1:51 p.m. This story has actually been to update to include that ABC decreased to comment and to exactly the assignment of Mara’s character’s name.