One of my homework-related questions on WebAsauthorize asks that I transform the suggest $(-5, 5, 5)$ from rectangular to cylindrical works with such that $rgeq 0$ and also $0 leq heta leq 2pi $.

You are watching: Change from rectangular to cylindrical coordinates. (let r ≥ 0 and 0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π.)

Seems pretty straightforward, however the system won"t accept my answer.

My approach

$r = sqrtx^2 + y^2 = sqrt25 + 25 = sqrt2(25) = 5sqrt2$

$ heta = arctan(5/-5) = -pi/4 = 7pi/4$ (considering that they want $ heta $ to be positive)

$z = z = 5$

Wouldn"t the allude be $(r, heta, z) = (5sqrt2, 7pi/4, 5)$? Did I make a mistake somewhere?

multivariable-calculus cylindrical-coordinates
asked Mar 16 "17 at 13:22

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