Cheryl Burke leader a cha cha lesson at her Laguna Niguel dance studio in 2010. For 3 years, the studio readily available memberships to locals interested in dance and also drop-in classes.

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The dance studio has about 40 members, and also special event classes have drawn up come 100 people in the past.


Burke, a experienced ballroom dancer, has actually twice winner "Dancing through the Stars" v her celebrity partners.


Cheryl Burke smiles through Matthew Brown, manager of she Laguna Niguel run studio in 2011. The two commemorated the two-year anniversary that the studio through a dance class and also party benefiting catastrophe relief in Japan.

LAGUNA NIGUEL – Cheryl Burke Dance will certainly close its ar in the city in irradiate of high overhead costs.

The studio, founded by “Dancing through the Stars” champion Cheryl Burke, has for 3 years available classes in a 3,000-square-foot space in The center at Rancho Niguel, in ~ Crown sink Parkway and also Greenfield Drive. One more larger location additionally operates in north California.

The organization had been testing out different ideas of a run studio that could offer methods to franchise, stated Sherri Burke, CEO and also Cheryl’s mother. The Laguna Niguel studio had been the the smallest of the concepts, and the Burkes found that the high overhead of rent in one upscale shopping facility was impossible with a smaller set of programs and limited capacity.

“The small model yes, really isn’t scalable,” Sherri Burke said.

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She added they’ll be sorry to leave the city the had readily available so much support. Critical year, building owners had granted the studio a reduced rate in rent. With that expiring, however, the studio challenged a 21 percent rise in rental costs.

“There to be nothing else we might do to keep our doors open,” she said.

The Laguna Niguel studio will certainly close Saturday, and staff is looking for another space in the area come branch out on their own and also continue classes. Cheryl Burke dance will offer refunds come students who have actually prepaid, and also a run showcase in ~ the Segerstrom High institution Theater in Santa Ana will go on together planned July 14.