The previous Girls aloud singer very first joined as a continual judge in 2008 and also her acts Alexandra Burke and also Joe McElderry winner in successive years prior to she an initial quit in 2010.

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She do a stunning return in 2014, however has now made decision to leaving once more to focus on her pop career.

Cheryl said: "I have had actually such an remarkable experience gift a referee on The X Factor.


"I have learnt so much and enjoyed nurturing talent however I"ve missed do music and also am excited to be record again.

"I desire to say thanks to everybody ns have functioned with follow me the way, especially Simon who I love come bits. Ns hope the show proceeds to develop stars and I great them every the best."

Cowell said: "Cheryl and also myself spoke around this. I entirely understand her commitment come making more records.

"She has actually been impressive on the show and in the near future we will certainly be functioning on other things together."

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Cheryl released 5 albums as part of girl Aloud, who were developed on X Factor precursor Popstars: The Rivals in 2002.

She has likewise released 4 solo albums, the last being 2014"s Only Human.

Nick Grimshaw has currently confirmed his exit from The X Factor after one year ~ above the judging panel.

Presenters Olly Murs and also Caroline Flack have likewise left the show, v ex-host Dermot O"Leary returning to prior the competition.

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