Making a deal wasn"t functioning for him, yet that didn"t average he to be going to give up. 

Victor to be one identified kid, and thanks to Casey and his firehouse family, we acquired one the the most heartwarming scenes ever before on Chicago Fire Season 4 illustration 19. 

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There is a well line in between bravery and also stupidity, but no one should ever before have to feel scared to walk the end his own front door. Every Victor wanted to perform was walk to his graduation top top his own two feet, and also he wasn"t about to allow anyone stop that native happening. 

While Casey understood and also respected Victor"s decision, that wouldn"t have been able to live with himself if something taken place to him. His weaken was come walk Victor to his graduation himself, yet he wasn"t the just one looking out for him. 

Watching the camera pan native Boden to the remainder of the firefighters lining the street to be a beautiful shot. Victor made it to school safely, and Casey punctuated the moment with the perfect parting words: 

chef Boden as soon as told me, "a hero"s no somebody who"s unafraid, it"s the male who"s fear to death and does what"s right anyway."


Casey has constantly done what"s right, and also there"s a good chance Victor will certainly take ~ his new role model. 

Of course the entirety thing wound increase on YouTube, because, what doesn"t this days? Casey may have an possibility to pursue nationwide politics, which would be interesting. He definitely seemed intrigued by the idea, however it would mean providing up gift a firefighter. Is that something Casey would be able to do?

He"s only been an alderman for a couple of weeks and has no various other political experience, however he"s currently making fairly the impression. Is it only a matter of time prior to he"s city council Casey?

Meanwhile, Severide watching Detective Holloway"s son kind of come out that nowhere. Over there hadn"t been any kind of indication the they maintained in touch after functioning that one situation together, but it looks like we"ll it is in seeing much more of her. I"m a tiny concerned other is going to happen to her to store her indigenous testifying. 

JJ is a cute kid, and you will never ever see me complain about an ext Pouch, yet I don"t think Severide is all set to it is in a dad if that"s wherein this story heat is heading.

Brett: girlfriend should certainly get the looked at.Otis: oh my God, space you speak I have actually cancer?Brett: No Otis, I"m not saying you have actually cancer. I"m saying gain a doctor to look in ~ it so you don"t offer yourself one ulcer.

So, have to we be worried about Otis? Those bruises looked pretty bad. That really need to not have walked out without getting the blood tests.

I get that he"s scared, yet it"s far better to know one means or the other. Leukemia is no the only cause of bruising, and if it"s miscellaneous else, it might put his mind in ~ ease. And also if the does have cancer, beginning treatment sooner is far better than later. 

Hopefully he involves his senses and also gets the test done soon. 

Speaking of Otis, wherein was his wedding hook-up? ns was hoping the wasn"t just a one time thing and we"d see her again. She seemed pretty perfect for him. 

The Bar Olympics were good for some silly fun throughout an otherwise heavy installment. Herrmann should have known far better than to let Dawson referee a competition including Kidd. Was he yes, really surprised to discover out they were in cahoots? 

I"ve never really understood how Molly"s only has the three owners as employees.

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Perform they just not open when they"re ~ above shift? perform they never get to take vacations? No wonder company is down, they"re more than likely not open up enough, and also their entire clientele is pretty lot cops, firefighters, and also doctors. 

We"ll see how Kidd does together the brand-new manager. It could be nice entertaining to see her do a whole bunch of changes and totally freak out Herrmann.