Well, ns was reincarnated! and my dad is a previous hero? and also my mommy is a queen of the spirits!? with my expertise of my previous life and my strength in this world... I"ll protect my family"s happiness!

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A young pharmacologist and also researcher in Japan died from overworking, and was reincarnated in a middle ages Parallel Europe. He was reincarnated together a 10-year-old apprentice come a famed Royal Court pharmacist, had attained an inhuman an abilities of capacity to see through disease, material creation, and also material destruction.He will supply the commoners a truly effective medicine the was developed using existing day pharmacology.

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TagsAdventureDramaFantasyCheatsDoctorsIsekaiMedicalMedievalModern KnowledgeOverpowered key CharactersPerson in a weird WorldReincarnationFushi no Kami: Rebuilding people Starts through a VillageVol: 1+; Ch: 7+Comic Gardo2021 - ?

Ash is a young young with apparent past-life memory who stays in a remote, deserted village. As he remembers top a bountiful life, the can’t bear living in a world akin to the Dark Ages, wherein not also the internal burning engine exists. The envisions the rejuvenation of civilization and also to execute that he provides use of the church’s resources, learning exactly how to read and obtaining the understanding that he looks for He enlists the aid of the people roughly him, consisting of Maika, the town chief’s daughter. Together, they target to develop their own village!

TagsFantasyRomanceIsekaiMedievalModern KnowledgePerson in a strange WorldReincarnationThe economics of Prophecy (Light Novel)Vol: 2+Legend Novels2018 - ?

The Oracle Princess Alfina suddenly announces an ominous prophecy come the civilization of the Kingdom of Crownheight. However, shunned as she is because that being a descendant of rebel blood, she words room heeded by no one. ~ above the various other hand, Ricardo, the adopted heir that a peddler, who additionally happens to be an economics department graduate reincarnated right into this world, attends the imperial Academy to study as a merchant. Throughout an argument with a much more affluent merchant, the one to stick up because that him is none other than Alfina. Together the distance between them quickly closes, Ricardo makes complete use that his modern knowledge of science, mathematics and also economics come stand against the unknown catastrophe of prophecy!

TagsFantasyLight NovelsEconomicsIsekaiMedievalModern KnowledgePerson in a strange WorldPoliticalProphecyRealist Maou ni Yoru Seiiki naki Isekai KaihakuVol: 3+; Ch: 20+Dengeki Maoh2019 - ?

In a rotted far castle, Ashta awoke as a Demon King. With his wisdom indigenous a previous life, the would preeminence over his lands together a thorough realist. “Demon King, why space you attacking the level 1 Heroes?” “Defeat them before they come to be stronger. The is dubbed strategy.” “Demon King, why are you sending out fake money to the foe country?” “To bring chaos to their economy so they will self-destruct.” “The werewolf troops have actually attacked. Need to we use silver bullets?” “Not bullets, shoot them v canons.” and also like that, Ashta ‘reformed’ the old tendencies. He ended up being a lord that was loved by the people and his subordinates and also would walk on come be referred to as the most an effective Demon King in history.

TagsActionFantasySeinenDemon KingDemonsIsekaiKingdom BuildingMagicManagementModern KnowledgeNon-Human ProtagonistsPerson in a strange WorldPoliticalReincarnationFushi no Kami: Rebuilding civilization Starts through a village (Light Novel)Vol: 4+Overlap Novels2019 - ?

Ash is a young young with obvious past-life memory who resides in a remote, deserted village. As he remembers top a bountiful life, that can’t bear life in a world akin come the Dark Ages, wherein not also the internal burning engine exists. The envisions the rebirth of civilization and also to carry out that he provides use that the church’s resources, learning just how to read and also obtaining the understanding that he looks for He enlists the assist of the people approximately him, including Maika, the village chief’s daughter. Together, they aim to construct their own village!

TagsFantasyLight NovelsRomanceIsekaiMedievalModern KnowledgePerson in a strange WorldAscendance that a Bookworm - part 3Vol: 3+; Ch: 22+Comic Corona2018 - ?

Myne, that was aimed in ~ for her magical strength by nobles, determined to part ways through her family and friends. Change the name "Rozemyne" she beginning a new life as the embraced daughter the a lord so that no peril will befall those important to her. However, she days in the noble society were harsh. In enhancement to intense one-of-a-kind training to find out ceremonies and also etiquette, the obligation of presiding over the temple and the orphanage is heavy. It is too much for a sickly tiny girl... However, the reward because that this from the head priest was "the crucial to the holy place library!" A biblio-fantasy created for book lovers and bookworms! The third component begins!

TagsDramaFantasySlice that LifeIsekaiLibraryMagicModern KnowledgePerson in a strange WorldReincarnationKami ni Aisareta KoVol: 2+; Ch: 23+AlphaPolis2019 - ?

An old human being who has piled up great deeds in Japan reaches the end of his life, and is reincarnated into one more world as Lean Olgott, the nephew of a details king. One day, the boy, who was increased showered through love his family, noticed the he had actually been bestowed the title The son Loved by God. That disregarded it because that a while, but gradually, the abnormality that his own abilities came to be evident. Magic strength that far surpasses that of simple people, conversing with plants……. The reason for all of these, as expected, was the title! One night, lean Olgott, who wished for a peaceful everyday life, was called out by a legendary sacred beast, and also life completely changed–!

TagsDramaFantasyApprenticeshipCheatsIsekaiMagicMedievalModern KnowledgePerson in a weird WorldReincarnationAscendance that a Bookworm: part IITV (12 eps)Ajia-do2020

With she baptism ceremony complete, Myne begins work in the temple as an apprentice shrine maiden. Awaiting in ~ is what she constantly wanted: a room full of books! however her brand-new life isn"t rather the dream she to be hoping for; she"s surrounding by nobles who scorn she commoner origins, and also even her very own servants are resulting in her trouble. On optimal of that, she needs to constantly fight the weakness of her very own body. Yet with her love for books burning in she heart, she offers her every to her brand-new apprentice duties.

TagsDramaFantasyApprenticeshipCheatsIsekaiMagicMedievalModern KnowledgePerson in a strange WorldReincarnationAscendance of a BookwormTV (14 eps)Ajia-do2019

Avid bookworm and college college student Motosu Urano ends up dice in an unforeseen accident. This came appropriate after the news the she would certainly finally be able to work together a librarian choose she had constantly dreamed of. Once she regained consciousness, she to be reborn together Myne, the daughter of a poor soldier. She was in the city of Ehrenfest, which had actually a harsh class system. But as lengthy as she had actually books, she didn"t really need anything else. However, books were scarce and belonged only to the nobles. But that doesn"t protect against her, for this reason she makes a decision... "If there aren"t any type of books, I"ll just develop some."

TagsDramaFantasyCheatsEconomicsIsekaiMagicMedievalModern KnowledgePerson in a strange WorldReincarnationAscendance of a Bookworm OVAOVA (2 eps)Ajia-do2020
TagsFantasyCheatsIsekaiMagicMedievalModern KnowledgePerson in a strange WorldReincarnationShort EpisodesKnight"s & MagicTV (13 eps)8-Bit2017

A genius programmer and also hardcore robot otaku is reborn right into a people of knights and magic, where vast robots called Silhouette Knights roar across the land! now reborn as Ernesti Echevalier, he offers his large knowledge of machines and programming talent to start to do his ultimate robot. But his actions have actually unexpected results...?! The dreams of a robot otaku will readjust the world!

TagsActionFantasyMechaSeinenIsekaiMagicModern KnowledgePerson in a strange WorldReincarnationIsekai YakkyokuTV

A young pharmacologist and also researcher in Japan died from overworking and was reincarnated in a middle ages Parallel Europe. He to be reincarnated as a 10-year-old apprentice come a well known Royal Court pharmacist, had attained inhuman an abilities of capability to see v disease, material creation, and also material destruction.He will supply the commoners a truly efficient medicine the was arisen using present-day pharmacology.

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TagsAdventureFantasyIsekaiMedievalModern KnowledgeHow a Realist Hero Rebuilt the KingdomTV (12+ eps)J.C.Staff2021 - ?

Suddenly summoned to a fantasy world and betrothed come the princess, Kazuya Souma is crowned the brand-new king after providing the royal family with exceptional advice. To ascendancy the kingdom, he"s acquisition the nontraditional (and an extremely human) path of bureaucratic reform. In a kingdom of dragons and also elves, will certainly this revolutionary"s distinct path prove effective?

TagsActionAdventureDramaFantasyRomanceIsekaiKingdom BuildingMagicManagementModern KnowledgePerson in a strange WorldPoliticalRoyaltySummoned Into another WorldWarSee every recommendations



GrandfatherClockJun 11, 2020

Yes, this sounds choose a cliche isekai, however it no read like a usual isekai. Dont review if her expecting: MC come pluverize enemies with OP magic, ecchi, or harem (maybe a little of reverse harem ~ above the horizon?). Execute read if friend want: cute loli MC (she ~ no super sexualized), doting parents, OP MC, family drama, light politics and also romance. The story is basically the title, MC is the daughter the the heart Queen and the famous human hero. Said renowned hero returns to the human human being after living in the spirit civilization for ten years and most of the plot entails the MC meeting the person side of her family and also avoiding people who want to manipulate her family"s power. The plot ~ no super heavy, but the manga still manages to stay interesting. Among my fav isekais


Dad is a Hero, mom is a Spirit, I"m a Reincarnated is that type of an isekai, where you currently know what will occur in the future chapters from the very beginning. The story is really slow and also hardly anything wake up in it, over there is no drama, due to the fact that even the protagonist does not really care about the reality that she died in genuine world and also now is isekai’ed.Long story short, if friend are in search of an isekai, where hardly anything happens, a fully non-stress sort of a read, Dad is a Hero, mom is a Spirit, I"m a Reincarnated is precisely what you room looking for. However, if girlfriend think the it has actually some facility and interesting story around it, i m really sorry to speak it, yet it go not. The an excellent thing is that it did no have any kind of fanservice, so ns will provide it 1 bonus point. 6/10, could have been much an ext interesting with a bit of drama, that would certainly have included a spice come the story.


As with all dotey-dotey manga, the interactions and also demeanors the the personalities feel artificial. In addition to the consistent fawning and obsession end the child, Ellen, we additionally get the parents being obnoxiously in love v each other. Many of this cliched mannerisms simply feel tired, but I did enjoy the ongoing joke that Ellen disliking anytime someone compared fem through feir father, Rovel, and feir typical treatment the feir dad in general.The present storyline (since thing 20) seems to be focusing on Ellen developing medicines and also helping to cure people. That hasn"t gone on for too long, therefore I"m not certain if it"ll end up coming together or not. The an initial storyline (basically everything before chapter 20) had Ellen and feir family taking care of the imperial family"s machinations to get them under their influence. During that plot, us learned about how plenty of generations ago the royal household had done some truly dreadful things that pissed off the spirits and have since lost the capability to form contracts with spirits and also stuff. It reflects off Ellen"s high knowledge (especially because that feir noticeable age) and ability to understand repercussions and also hidden motives. The story has actually some entertain moments, but as whole it feels prefer it"s simply sorta drifting.