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Inspiring others Locally

We enjoy partnering within our local community to provide back.

OUR community

It has been our pleasure to serve our local neighborhood through rapid service and also a familiar environment. In ~ Chick-fil-A Auburn shopping mall , our team prides itself on being more than a quick food restaurant. Us enjoy obtaining to recognize our remarkable guests and also fulfilling any kind of opportunity to give earlier to this ar that has so graciously supported us.

Whether you’re stopping by inside for a rapid lunch rest or involvement us through our exceptional curbside company , we think in offering our guest a restaurant suffer to remember. We perform our finest to administer a friendly and interactive environment for households to invest time together.

It is ours hope that this site will offer as a useful source of information and also a positive extension of your suffer at Chick-fil-A Auburn mall . The following time you’re in ours restaurant, please present yourself. It would certainly be our satisfied to fulfill you. Say thanks to you for your commitment to Chick-fil-A Auburn shopping mall . We look front to proceeding to offer our regional community!



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Making a Difference

Join our farming team! Chick-fil-A Auburn shopping center is constantly looking for energetic and also hard-working team members who inspire a great attitude in ~ themselves and also those about them. We hire the friendliest world who have actually a heart for customer service and also a desire to work in a community-minded restaurant setting. Working at Chick-fil-A Auburn shopping mall is much more than simply a job. It"s the capability to impact and touch the lives of others by creating and serving impressive food and experiences. Below are few of the an excellent benefits of working at Chick-fil-A Auburn shopping center .

Employee Benefits

Benefits of functioning for Chick-fil-A Auburn Mall encompass having her Sundays off, compete wages, health care access, functional hours, legit career opportunities, and also many more!For Auburn students. We space committed to gift the many flexible with school schedules in the Auburn area. We completely understand that institution is a very first priority and strive to make that noticeable to all the work right here at Chick-fil-A Auburn Mall.

Chick-fil-A management Scholarships

Eligible Chick-fil-A Team Members have actually the potential to obtain a $2,500 leadership Scholarship, through the capability to re-apply because that up to 4 years – because that a potential complete of as much as $10,000 because that college when serving together Chick-fil-A Team Member. This scholarships are awarded to Chick-fil-A Team Members based upon leadership, academic achievement, and also community involvement.

True inspiration Scholarships

Eligible Chick-fil-A Team Members likewise have the potential come apply and also receive an individual, one-time compensation of approximately $25,000. This scholarships room awarded based upon leadership, academic achievement, ar involvement, and also demonstrated gaue won need.

Educational aid Opportunities

In addition to scholarships, Chick-fil-A is offering accessibility to tuition discounts and other services for Team Members at an ext than 70 colleges and also universities throughout the country, which have the right to be merged with one of two people of the above scholarships. Opportunities and eligibility differ by school, yet benefits and tuition discounts of up to 30 percent are reliable immediately.

Professional occupational Environment

Those who grow in a fast-paced and also collaborative work environment will enjoy a place on ours Chick-fil-A team. No suffer is vital to job-related in our restaurant; yet we carry out require a positive, friendly, and engaging attitude!

Opportunities for growth & Development

A career at Chick-fil-A offers good opportunities for networking in the neighborhood community and also developing an useful skill sets because that future careers. Team members acquire experience in superior customer service, maid leadership, and professional cooperation by working carefully with the Operator and Restaurant Directors.

Chick-fil-A additionally provides development and cultivate programs because that employees interested in furthering their career in the company. These extensive training programs are available at intermediate and progressed levels in ~ the Chick-fil-A this firm office in Atlanta, GA.

Employees looking to more their education can qualify for several Chick-fil-A scholarships including the Chick-fil-A leadership Scholarship and also the True incentive Scholarship.

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It has actually been our satisfied to serve our local ar through rapid service and a trusted environment. In ~ Chick-fil-A Auburn shopping center , our team prides chin on being much more than a fast food restaurant. We enjoy obtaining to understand our guests and fulfilling any kind of opportunity come give ago to this neighborhood that has so graciously sustained us.

Whether you’re stopping by for a quick lunch rest or joining united state for one event, we think in providing our guests an outstanding restaurant experience. With family centered events like family Nights and Mommy and also Me Mornings or through fundraising opportunities like Concessions Sales and also our Boxed Meal heart Night regimen for schools and also other organizations, we do our best to administer a friendly and also interactive setting for families to spend time together. Visit our occasions page or sign up because that our Chick-fil-A Auburn Mall email list to find out much more about events and also opportunities readily available through our restaurant!