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This crossword is aimed at young puzzlers. Every clue has actually both a an interpretation of the answer, as well as a word that it rhymes with. Enjoy!The Wondrous human being of Dr. Seuss A crossword around the fun, whimsical story by one of the many beloved children"s writer of every time!General expertise With a dual Twist for KidsProbably because that older kids. The twin twist is the two details letters of the alphabet appear at least once in every answer. Once you work-related out what the letter are, that should aid you to finish the crossword.

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General expertise With a Twist for KidsProbably for older kids. The twisted is the one specific letter that the alphabet shows up at the very least once in every answer. Once you job-related out what the letter is, that should aid you to finish the crossword.An Assortment of pets for KidsThis crossword includes a wide range of creatures and a couple of of your habitats.Medley that CategoriesNo themes, just fun! Enjoy! This puzzle was created for the 2021 Small, Medium, big Crossword Challenge.A tiny Crossword on big ThingsThe an initial in a series of crosswords through a concealed theme. Uncover the very same word (with various clues) in 3 inter-connected crosswords.Easy Cross because that KidsA simple mix the words because that budding crossword puzzle fansOpposites for KidsFor slightly older kids. The answers space all the opposites that the clues so, because that example, if the reservation is "black" climate the answer is "white".General knowledge for youngsters 2Probably for older kids yet the answers space all famous words.Anagrams for KidsFor older kids. Readjust around the letters in the an initial word in the clue to make one more word. The word is the answer and also the rest of the clue defines it.General object for youngsters 4Another reasonably easy basic topic crossword for kids.General knowledge for kidsProbably because that slightly older kids but the answers room all renowned wordsDecades that Disney For youngsters of all ages. Has characters and also events in Disney movies released in between 1928 and 2018. Uneven otherwise declared in the clue, UK English is used.Around the human being for KidsHere is a crossword for children with a general geographical theme, through a couple of fillers added. Disney Princesses and other RoyalsFor enlarge kids and above. Includes Disney films around humans and also animals born into, or marrying into, royalty or whose fathers to be chiefs. UK English is used.Animated Films and CharactersA topic on animated universe films and characters v some basic fillers.Christmas CrosswordA Christmas themed puzzle for you, v a couple of stocking fillers, ho, ho, ho!Children StoriesA topic on stories for youngsters with some straightforward fillers.General subject for children 3A reasonably easy crossword on general topics for kids.For kids Pangram crossword puzzle (1)This one"s because that the kids. Make sure to make use of every letter the the alphabet as soon as completing. Great luck!Toys & gamings for KidsMost that these clues will, hopefully, take you earlier to her childhood and bring ago some good memories of funny & imagination. Best of luck.General subject for kids 2A relatively easy general topic crossword because that kids.One because that The children 12Here space some much more kid-friendly clues for you.One for The kids 11Another crossword with kid-friendly clues.One because that The children 10Crossword number 10 in this collection that features kid-friendly clues.

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One for The children 9Another batch that kid-friendly cluesOne because that The children 8Another crossword puzzle containing clues that space aimed at children.One because that The kids 7The next in the series of crosswords special kid-friendly cluesOne for The kids 6Another batch that kid-friendly clues
1 For ChildrenEasierSmall Puzzle118 plays< Scores >Oct 01 21 psnz
2 For ChildrenHarderLarge Puzzle318 plays< Scores >Sep 07 21 smilefumble
3 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle510 plays< Scores >Sep 02 21 misstified
4 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle679 plays< Scores >Aug 16 21 misstified
5 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle717 plays< Scores >Aug 08 21 misstified
6 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle599 plays< Scores >Jul 30 21 VegemiteKid
7 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle561 plays< Scores >Jul 14 21 windrush
8 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1335 plays< Scores >Jun 27 21 leith90
9 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle848 plays< Scores >Jun 27 21 misstified
10 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1034 plays< Scores >Jun 13 21 misstified
11 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle687 plays< Scores >Jun 07 21 misstified
12 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle817 plays< Scores >May 31 21 sw11
13 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1051 plays< Scores >May 22 21 misstified
14 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1504 plays< Scores >May 04 21 misstified
15 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1265 plays< Scores >Apr 07 21 Dizart
16 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1400 plays< Scores >Apr 04 21 misstified
17 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle2521 plays< Scores >Feb 04 21 sw11
18 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle2373 plays< Scores >Dec 18 20 Creedy
19 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1933 plays< Scores >Dec 14 20 sw11
20 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle2877 plays< Scores >Nov 13 20 sw11
21 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1041 plays< Scores >Nov 07 20 Triviaballer
22 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1529 plays< Scores >Nov 03 20 pollucci19
23 For ChildrenHarderMedium Puzzle2264 plays< Scores >Oct 29 20 sw11
24 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1908 plays< Scores >Oct 25 20 ClarkyB
25 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1525 plays< Scores >Oct 19 20 ClarkyB
26 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1621 plays< Scores >Oct 16 20 ClarkyB
27 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1468 plays< Scores >Oct 10 20 ClarkyB
28 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1490 plays< Scores >Oct 01 20 ClarkyB
29 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1648 plays< Scores >Sep 23 20 ClarkyB
30 For ChildrenHarderSmall Puzzle1508 plays< Scores >Sep 15 20 ClarkyB