Supergreens mix attributes baby kale, infant spinach and romaine; chain likewise offering free delivery on lifestyle Bowls

Chipotle mexico Grill is instead of its all-romaine salad base v a Supergreens salad mix featuring a mix of baby kale, baby spinach andhand-cut romaine.

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This is thesecond new national item added to the fast-casual chain’s menu due to the fact that September as soon as carne asadadebuted.

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The move to a Supergreens mix at every 2,500 restaurants comes as the industry, in addition to grocery stores, have actually scrambled to source romaine amid one more food safety event in the well-known growing region of Salinas, Calif. However, the current e.Coli outbreak tied come romaine was no the factor for the change, Chipotle said.

"The decision to present Supergreens and also increase the way of life Bowls assortment was based upon the success of our digitally exclude, diet-driven entrees launched last January," agency spokeswoman Erin Wolford said.

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She said choppedromaine will remain"on the line" together a topping option, however Supergreens will become the defaultsalad base. If client don"t want Supergreens, they deserve to request romaine just for your salads.

The Newport Beach, Calif.-based company also announced a slight change to that grilled chicken, i beg your pardon is now Whole30compliant. The company said the switched the oil in the chicken’s marinade if still preserving “the same great taste” of the chicken.

Last year, Chipotle added Lifestyle Bowls to its virtual menu. The bowls contain certain ingredients that match the demands of various diets such together paleo, keto and Whole30. The online way of life menu also features high protein, vegan and vegetarian bowls.

With many people adopting diet resolutions for the brand-new year, Chipotle is highlighting its way of living Bowls this month through a totally free delivery offer.

For the month of January, the chain is offering free delivery top top the bowls, which have the right to only be ordered top top Chipotle’s app or website.

Whole30 co-founder Melissa Hartwig city commended Chipotle for acquisition the tension out of eating healthy and balanced with these practice bowls.

"Convenience is an essential to continuing to be on track,” she stated in a statement.

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Update: This story to be updated to encompass a comment from Chipotle around the reason for the move to Supergreens.