Captain America star kris Evans came to be a trending object on Twitter ~ above Saturday ~ he appeared to post and delete a nude pic.

The 39-year-old took to his Instagram story to share a clip that himself and a couple of friends play a video game of top Up yet at the finish of the clip, the video showed the Marvel star’s camera roll.

In the row over the clip, there to be a black-and-white cock pic, which to be presumably a photo of the actor’s penis (Click below to see the NSFW Link).

Also ~ above the camera role was a picture of Evans v the native “Guard the P–sy.”

As the Saturday evening, there were an ext than 200,000 tweets addressing the inadvertently leak.

“chris evans go nothing dorn he simply saw marvel stans questioning for content it’s our fault for no being an ext specific,” one fan tweeted. “Chris Evans deciding to save 2020 through leaking his own nudes,” one more wrote.

Chris Evans tripped omg i hope he is ok :((