Christian Siriano for Payless fall 2012: 9 pairs of OMG pair of shoes Hitting stores September 12th

Christian Siriano proved his loss 2012 collection yesterday and, together usual, there were plenty the OMG moments. Ns am many excited to show you the shoes in the arsenal though, because a. They're affordable, b. They're gorgeous and also c. I love shoes. Click v to view the 9 pretty bag slated to hit Payless stores in September.

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VIP Celebrity on facebook Chat: Dish with Christian Siriano around His new Payless heat Live top top Tuesday!

We every know and lurve Christian Siriano for Payless - the footwear arsenal with the runway-fabulous cone-heeled booties and sculptural communication - well, those declare pieces will certainly hereby come under the Christian Siriano because that Payless Gold label which way - girlfriend guessed that - there's a new Christian Siriano for Payless in town. Wahoo!

Christian Siriano has actually A Lady Gaga Moment: inspect Out His Insane Platforms for Payless!

Looks like we're not the only ones who have been spending significant time obsessing end Lady Gaga's wardrobe, if critical night's Christian Siriano present was any kind of indication...

Today's ideal Dressed Reader: Kristin go Designer because that Under $100

Think friend can't execute head-to-toe designer without breaking the bank? Think again! Kristin shows us how in today's execution of ideal Dressed Reader...

Christian Siriano's latest Collection just Hit Payless (And Nothing's an ext Than $50!)

Only someone renowned for bringing words "fierce" right into the popular fashion vernacular could turn Payless shoes right into something so cursed covetable, we (almost) forget who Choo and Atwood space (almost). Behold, Christian Siriano's recent lustworthy stems, ~ the jump.

Lunchtime Video: obtain A Sneak peek At Christian Siriano's loss Collection

The optimal three factors I'm excited to watch Christian Siriano's runway display this week: 1.) Potential Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum sighting in the prior row, 2.) I'll lastly get to check out those Payless pair of shoes we've been hearing so much about, and 3.) I already have a sneak emergence of what will be top top the runway...

Christian Siriano: American Idol and also Redbull are Fierce, An empty Front Row, not So Much

Today we're turning our fashion mainly attentions to previous Project Runway winner (and Amy Poehler muse!) Christian Siriano. What it s okay his official stamp that fierce approval as he prepares because that his runway show? discover out, ~ the jump.

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Christian Siriano for Payless: will You wear Them?

Remember a pair of mainly ago, as soon as we recorded up with job Runway wunderkind and also all about ambassador of fierceness, Christian Siriano, and also he told us he was functioning on "a shoe repertoire for February"? Well, it transforms out those heels aren't simply going to be for the well-heeled. According to, the pint-sized designer will certainly be bringing his fabulousness to...