The 35-year-old stunned ~ above the red carpet in ~ the LA premiere of Ben Affleck"s recent film Live by Night. However while showing off her figure in a daring burgundy sheer dress by Pedram Couture, she flashed she nipples (and shapewear) after forgetting to wear a bra with the ensemble.

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Click through the gallery listed below to watch photos that her latest fashion mishap!


It’s unclear whether the mom-of-one knew that she was exposed if posing for photos ~ above the red carpet, but the “A.M. To P.M.” singer smiled throughout she embarrassing wardrobe failure like a pro.


She even posted photos native the night on Instagram, protecting against to pose v actress Zoe Saldana. In one of the captions, Christina said the Live by Night star “made she night.”


When photographed native head-on, Christina’s nipples were an extremely visible in the dress. Even though she made decision to give up a bra, she did opt to wear a pair that Spanx v the floor-length gown.


The high-waisted briefs were likewise visible once Christina posed native the side, offering her the dreaded fashion faux-pas of visible panty line.


She accessorized the dress v a tiny clutch and also black dangling earrings. She opted to pat up her lips, pairing a bold, deep merlot glossy lipstick v soft brows, a neutral eye, and false eyelashes because that a more dramatic effect.

The truth star is no stranger to risqué fashion — in fact, she appears to favor showing off she assets in sheer outfits. Last month, she to be spotted in ~ the #CurveYourReality start party in a blue mesh midi-dress, completely baring her skin — and her naked underwear — in the ultra sexy outfit. A strategically placed seam spanned her nipples, i m sorry made the ensemble a little an ext modest.

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