Each week after every eviction, organize Julie Chen will certainly answer a couple of of allisonbrookephotography.com’s burn questions around the latest episode that Big Brother.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: i was positive riveted the town hall Christine’s husband and family talk around how uncomfortable they to be watching her cuddle and flirt v Cody. What execute you make of the totality Christine-Cody situation, and also does her husband have actually a appropriate to be upset?

JULIE CHEN: Christine’s husband has every right to it is in upset. In fact, the wasn’t upset enough. Every I understand is if I ever did what Christine did climate I would certainly be coming house to no husband at all!!! climate again Christine is a free spirit and also he knallisonbrookephotography.com who he married in the an initial place.

allisonbrookephotography.com: America soundly rubbish Team America’s self-appointed mission to placed on a play. Let’s be ethical — just how lame was that, Julie?

CHEN: that was no play! and also Derrick even referred to as it “that Broadway thing?!?!” Wha?!?!? There were no story lines, no dialogue, no communication between any of them. That was a wire of imitations of one another. Funny ones. Yet NOT a beat! Fail!!!

allisonbrookephotography.com: You verified some videos from love ones back home to the contestants. Why decision to offer them that tiny morsel that communication?

CHEN: Seeing human being emotion from each houseguest is always an excellent TV. It’s likallisonbrookephotography.comise a nice tiny reminder for each one as to why they room there. They are doing the to far better the resides of those lock love.

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allisonbrookephotography.com: It’s nice much difficult not come love Donny. Whereby does the rank amongst some that the most renowned Big Brother players ever?

CHEN: He has by far the highest likeability rating we’ve ever had top top this show! and also it doesn’t surprised me one bit. I challenge you to uncover one human being out there who doesn’t prefer him. The is awesome. The genuine deal.



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