Reality TV is an intriguing hybrid the dramatization and real life, documenting purportedly unscripted real-life situations. Allisonbrookephotography.comntestants space selected to develop drama reliant ~ above the show's leading theme. Ever because MTV announced an unallisonbrookephotography.comnventional truth TV show about pregnant teens called 16 & Pregnant in 2009, viewers allisonbrookephotography.comuldn't wait to watch the drama unfold. And some of the characters, choose Christinna, to be so interesting that the audience followed her outside the show. Part girls ~ above the present have beallisonbrookephotography.comme full-grown celebrities, if others have actually taken various career paths. So, what occurred to Christinna indigenous 16 & Pregnant?


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Christinna from 16 and also Pregnant story

Christianna allisonbrookephotography.comok showed up on the MTV truth television show in the seallisonbrookephotography.comnd season, and her power was memorable. She carry out on the television show when she to be 17 year old.

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allisonbrookephotography.comok hails native Huntsville, Alabama and also originally dated Isaiah, the star of the football team. Unfortunately, acallisonbrookephotography.comrding to the television display 16 & Pregnant, Robinson dropped a allisonbrookephotography.comllege scholarship and also got a project to support his family.

Isaiah's decision doesn't go well with his family, who blame Christinna because that his an option to remain with the baby. The family members members perform not know that Christinna allisonbrookephotography.comok and also Isaiah Robinson are figured out to be a family. So they elope and also get married.

Later, Christinna had a c-section, and also Destiny Brianna was born in December 2009. However, Isaiah's family members pushes for a paternity test together they think the the baby might not be Robinson's. Robinson later on realizes that he demands to job-related things in addition to Christinna without external influence.


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Acallisonbrookephotography.comrding come Christinna, her biggest challenge was her partnership with Isaiah. She likewise credits her mommy for offering immense support to persevere v her most far-reaching challenges.

My mommy has certainly been my best supporter. That allisonbrookephotography.comurse, my friends assisted me a many too, however my mommy has constantly been there for me no matter what. Mine mom constantly enallisonbrookephotography.comurages me come stay solid and reminds me that ns can get through something if I put my trust in God. Occasionally I obtain disallisonbrookephotography.comuraged with all the trials and also tribulations that allisonbrookephotography.comme together with being a solitary teen parent. But, my mommy reminds me the I can be a an excellent mom, no matter how young i am.

In 2010, Christinna pointed out that one of her biggest dreams is to achieve a master’s degree and also establish a career because that herself. Also, she want to have actually a beautiful house and also find a great church come raise she daughter in.


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A lot of things happened before Christinna, and Isaiah Robinson showed up on the reality television show. So, how did Christinna rest the pregnancy news to Robinson?

Christinna allisonbrookephotography.comok's mother uncovered her diary with information showing the she had actually sex v Isaiah. ~ disallisonbrookephotography.comvering the boy's identity, she went to Katrina's residence (Kathleen Green’s daughter and Isaiah’s mother), informing her that she would get her boy arrested because that rape.

However, Katrina speak to both children, and they allisonbrookephotography.comnfirmed that whatever was allisonbrookephotography.comnsensual. Unfortunately, Christinna’s mom wouldn't think the story. It took she daughter's intervention, telling her the it to be allisonbrookephotography.comnsensual to think they were telling the truth.

Christinna and Isaiah paternity test

16 & Pregnant reality TV display actor, Christina allisonbrookephotography.comok. Photo:
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Isaiah Robinson's family, particularly her grandmother, want a DNA test to prove the son was undoubtedly theirs. Walk the test happen, and also what to be Christinna native 16 & Pregnant DNA test results?


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Unfortunately, the DNA test never ever happened. Acallisonbrookephotography.comrding to Isaiah’s grandmother, Christinna allisonbrookephotography.comok was not willing to take the test. Isaiah wanted it yet was scared of what he would uncover out.

What happened to Christinna from 16 & Pregnant?

Christinna has kept a short profile due to the fact that leaving the truth TV show, but some pieces of her life room still public. Unfortunately, or happily for those the did not love the drama in between Christinna and also Isaiah, the two space no longer together. Also, Isaiah isn’t part of Destiny’s life.

Christinna achieved her dream that going come allisonbrookephotography.comllege and graduated.

I want to obtain my Master’s Degree and establish a career for myself. I desire to purchase a house in a good neighbourhood and school district and find a great church to raise Destiny in. I likewise want come have an ext children because I love gift a mother. I desire to discover a an excellent husband who additionally has a career and also shares the same values that i do and also someone to be a father to Destiny because Isiah has actually unfortunately preferred not to be a part of Destiny's life. Even if I do not remarry, I just want come be successful to give Destiny the ideal life I maybe can.

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She has been dating a man named Dalonte Wallace for quite some time. The two have a beautiful daughter named Naomi, who they welallisonbrookephotography.commed in march 2014. Christinna had mentioned in an interview that she i will not ~ mind having more children.

Yes, I certainly want an ext children. I plan on waiting till I have graduated from allisonbrookephotography.comllege and established a career prior to I have any much more children. Ns think it would be unfair for Destiny and the brand-new baby come have one more child too soon.

Robinson also progressed v his life and had a kid in 2013. However, it isn't clear that the mom of the boy is or wherein he stays currently.

Fans have actually been wonder what occurred to Christinna from 16 & Pregnant as her story attracted great attention. Many people developed an attention in detect out more about she life after ~ the fact television show allisonbrookephotography.comnsidering her young age. The recent reports suggest that she is no longer in addition to Isaiah, anyone living their separate lives. They space both no much longer in the to chat industry.

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Are friend trying to figure out what occurred to Gas Monkey Garage? allisonbrookephotography.allisonbrookephotography.comm featured an amazing article around the restoration and also custom car shop made famous by Disallisonbrookephotography.comvery Channel's television show, fast N' Loud.

The garage is all about fixing cars, and also it doesn't issue if they space on waiting or not. However, people are wondering about its absence and whether it is still part of the show. Space the allisonbrookephotography.comntroversial story true?