These printable Christmas Songs Mad Libs are a fun and also festive method to job-related on components of speech this December!

Older learners can perform these themselves or with a partner. Younger learners have the right to carry out these fill-in-the-empty Christmas songs through your aid – exactly how fun!

Find our arsenal of Christmas Activities & Printables for all ages!


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Free Printable Christmas Songs Mad Libs

My children are using these FREE Christmas Mad Libs to practice parts of speech in a silly way!

Five public domain Christmas carols are included:

Jingle BellsUp on the HousetopJolly Old St. NicholasDeck the HallsAmethod in a Manger

I honestly would have actually loved to had even more acquainted Christmas songs, yet many type of of them were not public domajor. Also, it felt a small sacrilegious to encompass Amethod in a Manger, but I knew it would certainly be acquainted to most children. If you don’t feel comfortable using it, feel totally free to skip it.


In the fill is a list of parts of speech that may aid provide learners ideas for the mad-libs.


The initially point you must provide learners is the Parts of Speech Page WITHOUT telling them which song they’re doing. If they recognize the song ahead of time, it deserve to spoil the spontaneity of the words they select. Learners deserve to either fill this out themselves or they deserve to execute this in pairs.

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After the page has been filled out, learners insert the words right into the Christmas songs and also laugh along! To make sure learners have the ideal song, the number up in the peak left edge of the song page matches the parts of speech web page.


Mad Libs make a GREAT stocking stuffers! Grab some today!


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