15+ Coolest Homemade Cindy Lou Who Costumes

The Grinch is a classically heartwarming tale. It never before gets old and we will never before be too old for it. Especially for the sweet sustaining character, Cindy Lous. Check out this awesome collection as she involves life in the coolest homemade Cindy Lou Who costumes.

The the majority of specifying component of this costume is, of course, Cindy’s fantastically intricate hair. Tright here are some really awesome tricks to get Cindy’s anti-gravity locks. One girl provided a cone and also some wires woven via her braids. Anvarious other clever before woguy took florist foam in order to develop her daughter’s hair style.

Anvarious other essential costume component is Cindy’s red cape. Tright here are many kind of fabulous ways to produce a plush and Christmasy cloak. You will discover good details for your own look below.

So take the time to perusage these distinct versions of Cindy Lou Who costumes. There is plenty of DIY costume catalyst to obtain you crafting for Halloween!

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Halloween is my favorite holiday and also I love competing in contests! I attempt to make costumes that make world smile and also they can relate to. Typically I choose a weather design template however this year I chose it would be even more for fun and not competition (well, that’s just how it began at leastern.) My husband is … Read more


I had been wanting to make a Cindy Lou Who costume from the live action version for years and was not willing to get a save bought costume as I so often don’t because making your own is so a lot fun! By the end of the summer I currently gathered materials choose teacups and fake … Read more


I had wanted to make this Cindy Lou Who costume for a couple of years. And I finally just determined it was time. I had the hair on my head and the remainder was so basic to make that I simply went for it. I made the cloak and the skirt. I had no pattern for … Read more


My costume was basic to make. I had almost whatever I necessary already – a dress, babsence shoes, and also tights. I just necessary to make a “cape” and also number out just how to execute my hair and also make-up. For the cape: I bought a red pillowsituation for the cape (99 cents!!), glued cotton balls approximately the … Read more

My Amelia takes her priceless time every year trying to pick just the PERFECT costume. Some just how every year she picks a costume that TOTALLY fits her original look. This year she FELL IN LOVE via the concept of a Cindy Lou Who hair do! Our first step was to uncover a black and white … Read more

My daughter’s institution had a Christmas in October party. She wanted to dress in a Cindy Lou Who costume. I purchased a child’s wig and hair extensions. I braided the wig, warm glued the extensions to a Styrofoam cone then glued the cone to the height of the wig. The outfit I created a … Read more

My daughter wanted a DIY Cindy Lou Who Child Halloween Costume for Halloween this year. I kbrand-new it had actually been done few few times via the day-to-day dress yet we determined to carry out a take on the dress at the final feast. I uncovered the perfect fabrics, consulted with my “client” on how the dress … Read more

The hardest part of this cute Homemade Cindy Lou Who Halloween Costume is finding all the pieces to make it as authentic as feasible and still remaining within budobtain. If you start beforehand enough a lot of items can be uncovered at a second hand also keep or obtained from friends/family members. The vital pieces are the plassist dress … Read more

The Grinch was a Santa suit pattern and also then we made green hair pants and gloves and a small item for chest hair. We then painted his challenge green and also included babsence information lines. Cyndi we discovered a cloth that was so close to her dress in the movie and made it out of a … Read more

For this Cindy Lou Who Costume, I discovered a houndstooth print dress at the thrift store (though any kind of crazy black and white pattern will do). I paired it with red tights, and black shoes. Her cape is made from a piece of red felt via a white boa glued about the edge, and I stitched … Read more

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This is a Homemade Cindy Lou Who Halloween Costume for my 6 year old daughter. I uncovered an adult red velvet cape from a vampire costume from years’ previous and cut it to my daughter’s size. I then added white fur trim around the hood and edges. She wore her Christmas dress from last year. … Read more

My daughter had been wanting to be Cindy Lou that for the last 2 years, so this year I went all out and made her dress and also cape. She loved it so much she desires to wear the outfit for Christmas as well… I started off through a pattern for an A-line dress, I made … Read more