This is the latest merchant reset information. It includes all item on sale and is updated every week. Merchants restock top top Tuesdays at 3:00 to be EST.

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Cassie is closed at the time all other merchants reset. I will add her items as shortly as I can after she opens up on Wednesdays. Friend can check her current schedule in the sources section.

Goodbye NYC, Hello DC

This reddit short article summarizes the reasons why ns discontinued The division 1 resets to emphasis on The division 2 exclusively. It additionally reflects ~ above 3 year of doing seller resets, please give it a read. Some volunteers are keeping The division 1 reset alive v their own sheet because that items on sale so make certain to check it every week.


For recommendations, discussion, suggestions and also feedback, usage the current weekly object in The division subreddit. You have the right to join united state in The department Community Discord come chat, speak builds, questioning questions and also to acquire a group for any kind of activity.

At the end of the items list you can discover links to an useful community resources favor a map with Snitch areas to generate Cassie, her existing timer schedule, the datamined gear attribute sheet, and also more.


Weapons | mods | Resources


Gear | mods | Resources


Gear | weapons | Resources


Gear | Weapons | Mods

The Snitch and also Cassie

This map contains much more than 30 areas for Jared “The Snitch” Nash and 6 because that Cassie Mendoza that ns have built up while exploring. A couple of of them other agents generously mutual with me. To spawn him, quick travel to the nearest location and see if he’s there. As soon as you talk to him, Cassie will show up on the map v a shopping dare icon. Friend don’t have to do the bounty if you’re in a hurry. Walk to the bounty section on your map and select abandon to save it for later.


Cassie’s existing opening times: Sunday 7:00 afternoon EST, Wednesday 3:00 am EST, Friday 11:00 am EST.

Weapon damages Calculator

I do a weapon damage calculator to use it on mine own and also for the vendors. It can calculate the damages percentile of any weapon therefore you recognize if a roll is an excellent or bad. To use it, just make a copy and input your weapon damage values from the character sheet in the first section or just the base damages value presented in game after enabling it in the weapons ar of her inventory. The sheet has a quick link in the instructions so you can share the or bookmark it an ext easily.

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OpenThe division Community Discord

The department Community Discord server is the finest the neighborhood has to market in high level theorycrafting and discussion. Having been approximately since the launch of The division 1, it has actually an active LFG across all 3 platforms. Also has a passionate fan base that continues to build resources and tools to assist you in obtaining the most out the the game. Stay educated of new updates in the game and be involved in the thriving community that is constantly there if you have actually a inquiry or a LFG need.

JoinGear Attribute Sheet

The equipment attribute paper made by Ahmad was the very first datamined information published and has proven to it is in an invaluable resource like his sheet for The department 1 after ~ 1.8 was. If friend find any type of inaccuracies or absent information, you deserve to reach the end to him on reddit: u/BestNadeThrower and Discord: Ahmad#0001.

OpenThe division Timers

A couple of members the The department Community Discord make a website that shows all the in video game timers in your neighborhood time zone. It additionally has the open and close timers because that Cassie therefore you can use it to examine if she’s open or not before you go find the snitch.