My father He killed Me. My other Father, the Ate Me

Claudia can be the novel"s most complicated character.

Because Lestat counter her when she"s only five years old, we don"t know anything about her pre-vampire life. Due to the fact that Louis and Lestat room basically her 2 dads, she inherits a couple of characteristics indigenous both. Louis tells us, "From me she had actually learned the value of money, however from Lestat she had actually inherited a enthusiasm for spending it" (2.39). She likewise has Louis"s desire for knowledge coupled through Lestat"s brutal cruelty. Her cruelty can even exceed Lestat"s. Luigi fears the she is "less human being than one of two people of us, less human being than either of us could have dreamed" (1.654).

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With her intelligence and her capacity for violence, it"s simple to forget the she"s trapped in a child"s body. She"s often defined as "sensual" (1.395), and also "her eye were a woman"s eyes" (1.395). That"s a totally creepy image. And also speaking the creepy, her partnership with Louis deserve to be it seems ~ a little skeevy in ~ times, because Louis is cast as a strange combo the father-figure and paramour. It"s just another component of her facility nature: is it the age of the body the matters, or the age of the mind?

Because her Dad states So

Claudia"s eternal frustration originates from her desire to be treated as an adult, also though she"s trapped in a child"s body. Louis feels bad around doing this, lamenting, "How plenty of times ns must have forgotten, spoken to her as if she were the child" (3.207).

Because she"s constantly being treated as a child, she"s often the topic of manipulation. She was created out of manipulation: Lestat just turned her in stimulate to save Louis top top board. Lestat even has the gall come tell Claudia this, saying, " was going to walk away. But now he"s not. Because he wants to stay and take care of you and make friend happy" (1.398). Talk about a guilt trip.

Claudia hates her two dads, despite she no Lestat much, lot more. Louis is the one who ended her mortal life, but Lestat is the one that granted her an immortal one. Perhaps she would have actually forgiven Lestat if he weren"t together a jerk. At any time she wants to recognize anything—like how she was made, just how vampires die, how countless vampires there space in the world, and so on—Lestat acts favor he to know the answer however won"t offer it to her. This infuriates Claudia and leads she to plot his death.

Despite Claudia"s best efforts, Lestat it s okay to she first. He appears to i ordered it to the I carried you right into this world, for this reason I deserve to take you out method the parenting, and also he take away her the end in an action of revenge. She make the efforts to death him—twice—and he return the favor, introducing her come the sun.

Empty nest Syndrome

We said that Claudia no Louis, too, but her mindset toward luigi treads a good line in between love and hate. Louis cares because that her. That "thought just of protecting her from Lestat" (1.418). And Claudia cares because that Louis in turn. Still, she can not deny she vampire nature. She"s a fierce killer, and also she desire Louis to be too. You know how little girls are. They favor tea parties and drinking blood, and also they just want your dad come drink it with them.

Eventually over there comes a time in every girl"s life once her father grows up and leaves the nest. This happens to Claudia as soon as Louis choose Armand over her. Part of she is excited, because she"s always yearned because that independence. She also once states to Louis, "Did you think I"d be your daughter forever? room you the dad of fools, the silly of fathers?" (3.22). The pesky five-year-old body always gets in the way, though.

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Louis grants her a guardian in the kind of Madeleine, the only human being he has actually made a vampire. Sadly, Madeleine cannot safeguard Claudia when Lestat take it vengeance: both Madeleine and Claudia are sent out to the sun and reduced come ash.

Before she death, Claudia forgives Louis for killing her. The course, she only says this after he makes Madeleine for her, which makes us concern her sincerity somewhat. It seems that Louis questions her sincerity once it pertains to all of she actions: "I know for the very first time in mine life what feels when she forgives me because that being myself who she states she hates and loves: she feels practically nothing" (3.382). If luigi mourns anything, it"s no the lose of Claudia"s life… it"s the loss of she humanity.