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Close reading is one of those large buzz indigenous in proficiency education. But what is nearby reading, anyway? This post will tellyou exactly what the is, plus exactly how to teach it!


Haveyou heard the term close reading? If you’re not sure what the means, you’re in great company.

Maybe this definition will help:“The major objective that close reading is come afford students v the opportunity to assimilate brand-new textual info with your existing elevator knowledge and also prior experiences to broaden their schema.” -Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey


Let’s simplify.

What is close reading?

Close analysis is a strategyin which kids read and also reread short, complex texts to improve comprehension.

Even simpler?

Close reading is reading a text enough times the you can explain it to someone else and answer questions around it.

What’s the allude of close reading?

Students will not always have a parental or teacher together them once tackling a tough text. Nearby reading offers them the devices to readcomplex texts all on their own.

What’s the procedurefor near reading?

You’ll find a different set of steps almost everywhere you look! I uncover the complying with procedure a good starting suggest for kids in grades3-6.

Get this printable poster at the end of the post!

Tips for to teach close reading

Model first!Make certain the message is over your students’ continuous reading level, however not so lot that every sentence is difficult.Don’t provide your student a many background knowledge prior to they read.Set a function for reading, and leave it in ~ that.Make sure your students have a opportunity to mark up the text with a highlighter and pencil. If they might not create on the text, provide little sticky notes.Ask inquiries whose answers your students can uncover within the text.Incorporate discussion.Pause after each action for student to talk to a partner or little group.Be patient. Close reading isn’t easy! the takes a many practice to think critically around a text.Don’t overdo it! Students require many methods to practiceclose reading,but if you execute it too frequently you’llwear them out.
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Close reading is far from a simple task, yet don’t be afraid to try it! this day I’m sharing a collection of cost-free close reading bookmarks and also a close analysis lesson to offer you the confidence girlfriend need.

How come teach a close reading lesson

1. Pick your text.

My daughter is a solid fourth great reader, so i knew I’d have to look over her class level to uncover a text that would difficulty her. We provided an amazing factsheet from the free Hungry Pests attack Middle school curriculum.This curriculum is designed come raise awareness around 19 invasive species that destroy trees and plants, threaten our food supply, and also more.

The United states Department that Agriculture’s Animal and also Plant health and wellness Inspection organization has detailed this standards-based curriculum because that teachers of grades 6-8, butyou’ll findthat you deserve to modify countless of the tasks for younger grades.

2. Gather her materials.

I published the factsheet and trimmed that edges before I glued it to a sheet of yellow legit paper, since it’s valuable for kids to have a border on i beg your pardon to write annotations. I additionally grabbed a highlighter, pencil, and also close analysis bookmark.


3. Describe the purpose of close reading.

With our products in prior of us, I described what we were going come do.

“Do girlfriend know how some things are easy to read, and other points aren’t? occasionally you have to read something quite a couple of times to know it. I feel that means when I’m analysis something technical about blogging, or as soon as I’m doing research about how to be a much better teacher. As you get older, you’ll it is in doing research study for reports and also find that some of the text is difficult for you to understand. This day I’m going to teach girlfriend a strategy that will help you with those more difficult texts. It’s called close reading. We’re walk to review the very same text a few different times and do something different each time.”


4. Model.

I check out aloud the first section the the factsheet from theHungry Pests curriculumas a fourth grader might do it.As ns read, i talked aloud about marks that i made.

“The United says is under assault from alien invaders, yet they’re not from outer space. (That’s funny! I’m going to placed a heart here because I prefer this part.)… castle are resulting in or are most likely to causeharm to the economy, the environment, or person health. (I can’t mental what the economic situation is. I’m going to circle that word.)… part pests, such together the imported fire ant, threaten plant, animal, and also human health. (Oh, i know around fire ants! I’ll placed a ‘C’ there due to the fact that I can make a connection.)

And therefore on.

After ns read, I declared the allude of the article.

“It sounds like certain bugs and also weeds cost our nation a many money once they gain to the wrong places.”

I review it a 2nd time, for a various purpose.

“I’m going to review this component again. The will aid me understand it a small better. I’ll mark anything rather I an alert and think about why the author wrote this article.”

I read the piece a 2nd time.

“It sounds prefer invasive types are a really big problem because that country. The writer is writing about it because he wants united state to know about the problem. Ns think that the rest of the short article might tell exactly how we have the right to prevent it.”


4.Give your students a opportunity to shot it.

I told my daughter to check out the next section, and also I verified her what annotations she can make making use of her close analysis bookmark as a guide.

“Now it’s her turn! I desire you to read this following section. It’s okay if friend don’t know for sure what’s important. Simply highlight or star what you think room the essential parts. Circle words friend don’t understand or components that space confusing. Create a ‘?’ if you have actually a question, a ‘!’ if you’re surprised, a love if you like something, and also a ‘C’ if it reminds girlfriend of something.”

5. Support as needed.

Since this to be my daughter’s an initial time act a close review exercise, she required a lot of support and also reminders. She check out without making any annotations at first; i reminded her to earlier up and highlight the vital parts.

After she review the first time, we talked around the point out she made and also why. Then, ns told she to check out the section an additional time.

“It’s time to check out this a secondtime. Imagine that you’re analysis with a magnifying glass. You’re trying to find out even much more than you learned the an initial time. As you read, feel totally free to make more marks. I also want you to think around why the writer wrote this.”

6. Administer opportunities for discussion.

In a classroom, I’d have actually students fulfill in pairs to talk after each reading. Because it was simply my daughter and also I, we talked with each other after each reading.

“Why execute you think the writer wrote this?”

“So the we understand that invasive pests are a big problem and so we carry out something around it.”


7. Make certain you ask text-dependent questions after the 2nd reading.

We ongoing the procedure through numerous sections the text. After ~ studyingthe ar How execute They gain Here? ns asked, “How execute Hungry Pests travel?”

She reread the text to herself and answered, “They gain here ~ above accident. They come in the mail. They deserve to travel on flowers and also timber.”

After studyingWhat you deserve to do come fight this invaders? i asked, “How have the right to you – a 4th grader – struggle the invasion of Hungry Pests?”

“I deserve to report as soon as I watch Hungry Pests. I have the right to make sure we don’t relocate firewood as soon as we walk camping. I deserve to make sure I don’t walkthrough infested areas.

“And how have the right to you recognize when you view Hungry Pests or infested areas?”

“I guess: v I’d need to learn what castle look like.”

“That’s really! I have actually some pictures of Hungry Pests that comewith this curriculum. We can look at those later.”

8. End up by having actually your students paraphrase the text.

After our intense analysis session, ns asked, “What walk you learn today?”

With some prompting she answered, “Hungry Pests cause a many damage. Us should shot to prevent them native spreading.”

And now you’re prepared to shot a close analysis lesson!

*Fisher, Douglas & Frey, Nancy. (2012). Close analysis in primary school Schools.

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